The north point walmart, in dundalk m.d., is dirty, the womens bathroom doors have no locks?, the toilet paper dispensers are always open and the toilet paper is on the floor, the bathroom stall doors need serious cleaning, yuck, there are no papper towels, the floors have urine on them , not a safe or clean bathroom. The workers are using pallett jacks to carry stock to different isles, and its constant bombarding of them coming down the isles, they almost ran over me, you can not go up the isles to get to products because the isles are blocked by skids of stuff.

There is barely enough room in between isles to turn your cart around, the isle ways are to small the store is jammed up and not a comfortable setting.

The payout lines are to long, but a lot of registers are closed????? Hire people to sell your products, and treat them nice, the cashiers have very hard jobs!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Orange, California, United States #917886

Well you can simply avoid this problem of going to the washroom in the first place by going to the washroom before shopping, just like mommy asks you to. Next time mommy asks if you need to use the washroom before shopping, or tells you to use the washroom because you will be gone from the house for a long time you go.

How do I know you are a child, you do not realize that customers like yourself leave the washroom dirty, and you cannot even spell simple words such as paper and aisle. You do not use capital letters for proper nouns. If they hired more cashiers mommy and daddy would have to pay more and they will not be happy with that, once you are old enough to work you will learn that to keep costs low unfortunately they don't hire enough people.

You don't want to worry about workers knocking you over with pallets then hold mommy's hand while shopping. You want them to hire more people, well kiddo, here is how the world works, if people do not apply for a job they cannot just take customers off the floor and hire them now can they.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #917850

Being serious now. WM needs to get all employees to take a fitness test before they hire them.

one is so fat she blocks the isle when she is stocking the shelves. lard*ss

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