Coconut Creek, Florida

I'm 8 1/2 mos pregnant and couldn't hold it anymore while shopping off the Atlantic Blvd and powerline rd store in pompano beach, FL and every stall had no toilet paper and then this stall was full to the top with *** everywhere!! For this bathroom to be THIS bad maybe whoever is in charge needs to be replaced!

This is got to be one of the most horrific disgusting experiences ever! Will NEVER shop at that location for as long as I live!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Sanitary Conditions.

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if this picture is true you sould have called the health department and osca its a health hazzard.

@nut in tennessee

Same thing happened at a former workplace. After a few calls to the company went unheeded, I called the city health dept.

They said there was nothig they could do, and that it was up to the company.

I feel bad for the emplyee that has the duty to clean the bathrooms.  They probably refused, and rightly so.

In an istance like this, it would be a health hazzard, and a special cleaning company brought i to clean an sanitize. Yech.


Good grief. I wish I had not clicked on this posting.

GROSS! And yeah, don't blame the store. They have scheduled bathroom checks throughout the day, but obviously do not have a full-time person standing around the toilets.

I feel so bad for whoever had to deal with that mess. I would have quit on the spot.

First B

Wow, that is a lot of ***, wonder what that person using the washroom before you ate? However what do you mean they have no toilet paper, they have two rolls in the picture you took.

Don't blame the employees because someone failed to flush though. Or because someone messed the washroom up.