I had a few situations with a particular Walmart. I was shopping minding my own business and low and behold I slid in a great big pile of dog ***!!!!

Right in the produce dept. Omg I never in my life had an experience like that and when I tried to tell someone, I was totally ignored and obviously left my cart with that so called food in it right in the dog ***!!!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Walmart doesn't allow dogs into the store and a guide dog wouldn't *** on the floor. Also, just watch where you're going, it's not that hard.

And what did you want an employee to due?

It's not their fault there's *** on the floor. The best they could do is, clean it up, give you an apologetic smile and try not to laugh at you, as your *** covered back left the store.


Okay tell me one thing, when did they fire you? I seriously doubt that someone would ignore you if you said there was dog *** on the floor, if there even was.

You are probably lying and someone else would have reported it sooner.

So it is either gag *** or you got fired and are spreading lies. Or both,(you placed the gag *** there yourself and are trying to get the store that fired you shut down, or are you mad because they arrested you for shoplifting.

to KevinRichards Birmingham, Alabama, United States #1002777

I am posting this comment on your complain to teach you how easily I can use your account name and tell what ever I want! I saw your comment on this:


and I saw how easily you were fool by somebodies lie!

now see how I used your name to teach you a lesson! Be smarter than this please!

Also stop telling people that their complain is not true!

to KevinRichards #1016764

Over 2000 comments from Kevin Richards and every one is him being a troll. Hmmm.

Is this your life, kevin? Is this what you do every day when you get home from your minimum wage and down to your mother's basement? Seems like your life is pretty sad kevin.

2000 comments all projecting your sad insecurities. Maybe your daddy shouldn't have molested you so much.

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