Wichita, Kansas
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I rarely go into this location but if i do, its because im in thw area. They got stuff all over the place, its a mess.

The bathrooms are so dirty and they have employees talking about other employees with customer.

They are slow as *** and their customer service stinks. I dont ever see anything on clearance or sale so someone is not doing tgwir job.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I would learn how to spell "their" before bashing others. Well people who shop there are low class people, they make minimum wage and are dirty, so they mess up the washrooms, the only way to keep the washrooms clean is by standing there all day.

Trust me I have been in their stores only once or twice to avoid low class people like yourself. I have seen them clean the washrooms only to see people mess them up again. *** on the seats throw toilet paper on the floor. Don't blame them for the actions of low class people like yourself.

Also yeah sometimes the service is slow, but most of the time people work as fast as they can. If you cannot wait patiently like an adult than shop elsewhere where they don't have a bunch of low class people. Face it the majority of people are low class and want to save a buck.

How do you know they reason that some people are slow is because they are disabled or elderly. Hopefully one day someone harasses you when you are elderly or slow for a reason that you cannot help.