Winder, Georgia
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I went to the deli to order some turkey & cheese for the week. The lady working the deli station told me I should get the Sara Lee brand because it was on sale.

I looked at it and it said $7.98 (not on sale).I said not thank you, it's only $2 less than the brand I prefer. She said this morning it was on sale and she would ring it up to double check. When she rang it up, it said $7.98. Then, she pressed a button and what do you know, it's half price.

So I agreed to order this half price turkey. (Always remember, when something is too good to be true, it usually is). Once I arrived home, I opened the trunk of my car, only to be greeted by a terrible smell. I wasn't aware it was the turkey at this time.

After a long day of shopping with my two year old, a sandwich was the easiest meal I could prepare. When I tell you it smelled like something died, I mean it!!!! This was the most horrific smell and I actually tasted it (dumb, right?). It tasted worse than it smelled.

I am so angry because I was originally going to purchase a $9/lb deli meats and this lady at the counter was so persistent on selling this old meat. Who does that to people? I'm so pissed off. I know people get mad and say they will never shop at that place again, I usually think they are being dramatic, but I WILL NEVER step foot in wal Mart again!!!

It's one thing to cause harm to an adult, but to put a 2 year old at risk of getting sick from old meat...unbelievable. All I can say is KARMA for that women.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I thought she was trying to be nice too, and maybe she was and didn't realize the meat was bad...but she would have noticed it when she was cutting it. Honestly, I did not get a sample as she did not offer one and if I smelled anything once it was put in the cart, I assumed it was my two year old.

Question: why would turkey taste better higher priced? Is turkey not turkey?


You are over dramatizing. You act as though this was an evil plot purposely imposed on you aand your son.

Sounds like she was trying to be kind and save you some money. If it was bad, she would have noticed it while slicing it up for you. If it smelled as bad as you claim then why couldn't you smell it when you first bought it???

You are just used to the higher priced meats and the cheaper one wasn't to your liking. Your just mad because you didn't purchase your original choice.