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i went into walmart one day in the morning first day of the sale , i was told well were out of that item , i said on the first day of the sale , i drove 10 miles , well you can come back in two days we might have some then she said , i was like well i dont have time and gas to be chasing this stuff , i would like to speak to a manager, right away she was like well we have some over there, so i was like where she was like isle 2, so i go over there well none left, so i gho back to her (she was stocking a self) i said none left , she said oh i guess not, i said well i would like to speak to a manager then she said well we got some in the back i saving for the employees, so she says how many i said 5 , so she brings out 3 , well this is all i can give you, were instructed to only bring out so many and only after they ask she says, so another customer comes up and asks for the same thing and is told there arent any left, the customer tells me if i am not going to take all 3 she will take two, i said no i need mine, the customer then starts on about how greedy i am , i tell her well i had to fight to get these , the clerk and customer are laughing wispering when i turn around , it is not worth going to walmarts sales when i am treated that way

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I don't shop at Wal mart anymore because of

Store #4425

7818 Colonial West Drive

Orlando, FL 32818 and Yolanda in Automotive !


You say "like" and "well" way too much. Like Irish said, grow up.


Grow up, many stores do the same thing. Even if they did not have the item in stock, no need to throw a temper tantrum like some eight year old.

They don't have it they don't have it, you can't always get what you want.

Did your parents not teach this when you were a child. Guess not since you are an adult and still throw temper tantrums.


This tactic is used by many stores that have loss-leaders to bring in the customers.

WALGREEN had a great deal on those HD boxes about a year ago; with the $40 coupon from the government, the box was free. I went in on Sunday morning with the two coupons; the boxes had "not been delivered".

I was told to come back on Tuesday when the next truck would be in. I requested two RAINCHECKS. When I went in on Tuesday the clerk said "they are gone". I asked to speak to a manager and the clerk went through a door near the photo department and came out with two boxes.

She was not happy, apparently they were saving them for certain people.

I think if I had not had the rainchecks, I probably would not have had a leg to stand on, but persistence did help in this case.