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I shop Walmart pretty regularly, at least once a week. When I got my new smart phone in January 2015 the Walmart Savings Catcher was one of the first apps I added.

By february I had accumulated about $15 to $16 dollars on my account and was pretty excited that I would save this money up to use towards Christmas or one of my grandchildrens birthdays this year. I checked on all the rules and made sure I understood how much I could accumulate and the time frame I was to use such accumulated funds, soon after I received an email that they would no longer be comparing prices to drug stores, oh well the funds accumulated slowed down quite a bit. but atleast I was still getting .24 cent here and there. By April 29th 2015 I had an even $24.00.

I got an email from walmart that there were updates/changes made to my Walmart.com account and if I had not made these changes that I should call the 800# provided. So I did and explained that I had not used that account in a couple of years now due to an attempt by a 3rd party trying to order an IPad, which had resulted in a lot of frustraion dealing with the bank, band card cancelation/reissue, police reports etc...I was told then that they have had a lot of reports of peoples "Savings Catcher" funds being stolen, and that the account was linked to my savings catcher account and that he could see that the culprits had made a test order and then had stolen my savings catcher funds, of course I was put on hold a few times and then told that I would be transfered to the "Savings Catcher Department" who would arrange to get me the funds back...Savings Catcher Department told me they would investigate and she couldn't tell me when but I would hear from someone after the investigation, there was no mention of returning the funds I had accumulated, there was no sense that she could even give a ***...haven't heard anything else, my sign in and passwords to either account are no longer valid.

3 and half months of scanning receipts, 27 minutes on the phone with people who could care less...pretty dissapointing. My husband speculates that it is an inside job by either Walmart employees or Walmarts way of not having to pay out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $24.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Same thing happened to me in September. My rewards balance suddenly showed $0 instead of the $24 it should have shown.

I contacted Walmart and FINALLY someone replied and said my password had been changed. Well...not by me or anyone in my household! They asked for the TC# on receipts I had entered and I gave them that information. (Duh, it was right there on my account activity!) Strange how the removal of my $24 didn't show on my account activity.

Walmart has refused to make good on this! I say it's an inside job...


Interesting...exact same things...$68 and change gone same way. Still harassing them to get those funds back.

And have actually quit shopping at walmart over this. But the same speculation has arisen that its an inside job.

Been wondering if there is a class action ...seems a bit fishy to me. Maybe a way for walmart to get out of paying out?


I won't be using that app!