Crestview, Florida

Walmart savings catcher "hacked". Wentin to register my TC number and it didn't recognize me or my email address...the only email address I have ever had to register with Walmart.

I called Customer Service, they stated my account was hacked and some changed my email nad password to a bunch of letters and numbers. My entire savings history, purchases, dates, TC numbers were still there when I got back into my reinstated, corrected acount, but my saved money was gone! I am not so much worried about the moeny as i am about all the information attached to that account...what will come up missing next?

Wlamart doesn't seem to follow-up to let you know that anyone is investigating into this to find out who stole your money, who hacked your account, or how much other info they stole that was attached to that account. This is a horrible stress to live with...

Reason of review: Walmart CS quickly addressed my situation but there has been no follow-through.

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No ones private email was hacked as they would like you to believe. This is on their end their server.

I have been dealing with this since October, 2016. They sent me an PDF file with the money that was taken in the form of an ecard, only thing the balance was zero. One supervisor told me they had over fifty thousand claims since June. How come this *** never made the headlines?

My next call is to the Indiana Attorney Generals office where I will file a formal complaint. I urge all of you to do the same where you live. Make a posts on your social media accounts to see just how big this is. I am out $70.00 which is no big deal, a nice dinner out for my wife and me.

It is a principle thing with me. Good luck all...


Happened to me 11/27/16.

Don't know where the info leak is.

My email was through verizon then yahoo then AOL so which is the failure point?

I called the main walmart number 18009666546 and worked through the menus to savings catcher.

They reset my email and password within 20 minutes, but the $70 balance was gone.

The nice lady CSR Jean was very polite and efficient but told me 30 days or more for the fraud guys to investigate, but that I would eventually get my money back. We'll see.

I'm changing all my passwords. Like an *** all my account passwords are the same, mostly.

From mortgage to banking to paypal etc. God luck to all.


ok guys whats the number to call saving catcher somehow my password got changed


Dec 7, 2016 Same thing happened to me today. Called Walmart, waited for them to do a computer reboot, still computer problems, told me call back later.

Called back and Walmart was helpful, but said I had to call Savings Catcher separately! WHAT! Savings Catcher is to busy to talk to me. Then had to cancel my ONLY credit card, 2 wks before Christmas, which has my PayPal attached to it, which makes my payments!

I am also very pissed that Walmart doesn't have a Walmart Freud Line to take care of their lack of proper security on our accounts!

This run-around is ridiculous!


Same thing just happened to me! Dec.5 2016.


Same thing happened to me yesterday, so I followed up with the postal service fraud and stolen goods division. I was sent the email of what was bought and where and to whom it was going because Walmart sends duplicate tracking alerts when email addresses are changed. They told me they will follow up with me, but who knows.


My walmart account was hacked on 11/29/2016. I didn't realize this until last night when I tried to log into my account.

It said my email was not associated with any account. I called and walmart said they could not find my account, said maybe savings catcher could find it, she then transfered me and savings catcher said their call volume was to high and hung up on me. I tried to get through to savings catcher last night and half the day, couldn't get through. I called again got a lady that finally got a supervisor to give me a new password and it worked.

Now I am in my account and my S.C. rewards are gone it was only $25.46 but it was mine and now its gone. Still can't get through to S.C. don't know what else to do.

Any suggestions? Please let me know.


This just happened to me also on December 1, 2016. I tried to call savings catcher and they are too busy. Total BS!!


Part of my Savings Catcher money is gone so I wrote a detailed letter to the Customer Service Representative at the corporate office, 707 SW 8th Street, Bentonville, AR 72716. Hopefully I will hear from someone because bosses do not like to be bothered with problems like this.

Maybe they will see that someone fixes this mess. Just a hint but the more letters they receive, the better the chance of it being resolved.


Mine was hacked on 12-1-2016. Thankfully, I received an email stating my savings catcher money was moved to an ecard today, and when I went to sign in, it didn't recognize my password, nor did it recognize my email.

I quickly called Walmart, and the representative deleted all my credit card information that had been stored before they used it. I still will have to call Savings Catcher on Monday when they open to be able to have the money on the Savings Catcher eCard stopped. I never used an app.

I just used the website. I hope everything is still secure with all my other online sites.


They probably stole their own money cuz your so *** greedy


I had this happen to me a day ago! I tried to call customer support, but it was after hours, so no luck... Ridiculous!


This just happened to me today and I am livid!


I just had this happen to me. Quite frankly, I think it is a Walmart insider doing this.


They only investigate it if you file a police report. It's ridiculous.


This has happened to me too. I just did a gift card balance lookup and my savings is gone. So irritated!


Someone stole my savings catcher balance as well... I am pissed! I guess Walmart is not going to do anything.


This just happened to me as well. I could see someone ordered something because I got an email confirmation, but otherwise my issue is identical. I haven't called them yet to see if the money is gone.