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I have been entering my receipts from Walmart on Savings Catcher App, now the app has been hacked and some lowlife has redeemed all of the rewards dollars that I have been saving! They took $102.73.

I called customer service and was told that they will escalate it to someone higher up. Called back today, told again that they will escalate it. Walmart Savings Catcher App is not secure! I need this refunded ASAP.

I have worked very hard to save these rewards. The tech on the phone told me how to access the e-gift card history.

The information on the history shows where they added the funds and then used them at Walmart.com on the same day, 8/15/17 Walmart app is not secure, thieves are accessing your other accounts through the Walmart App. And remove all Credit and Debit card info from your Walmart app and Walmart.com account.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Savings Catcher Rewards Program.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Same exact thing happened to me! Someone used my Savings Catcher and order two PlayStation gift cards!

I personally think it's an inside job because Savings Catcher is now going to be discontinued! I'm so mad!


Looks like the Nigerian Scammers have really been doing the business.


I am going through the same situation! This happened to me back in November and still have no been refunded.

I also can’t access my current funds. Annoyed!


Twice my account was hacked $160 total Both times I call Walmart.com Both times I get the same *** answer. Cancelled the piece of *** Walmart account, removed the App.

Shopping at Meijers for everything from now on I’d love to be face to face with their IT security manager and deposit $160 worth of 2x4’s up his *** then cut them back out 1 splinter at a time. FU Walmart

to Pissedoff2 #1653100

My account was hacked too. I’m in Pensacola!


Mine gets hacked all the time and I never get my money back


Mine was hacked Jan. 26th, 2019, so obviously they still do not have a secure site.

They took all of my money as well. They changed all of my account info. *** me off big time. I refuse to use their app ever again.

They changed the way to save money to where you have to use WalPay to submit receipts.

So they want you to use an app that saves your savings at their website that isn’t secure. Yea, I don’t think so!!

to Lisa C #1640870

Same exact thing happened to me today 2/4/2019! Got an email saying my information was changed and I did not do it so I called Walmart.

Then I check my savings catcher balance and it was drained today!

I had worked so hard saving mine up. They sent me a gift card via email...

to sm #1640900

The exact same thing happened to me today. I contacted Walmart and they are going to investigate it.

It can take up to 72 hours. Are you kidding me!

I had my bank cards on there! This has to be an inside job.


I just discovered this happened to me. I had a $53 credit on savings catcher and someone from a different state cashed it in.

My Walmart login info was changed and I couldn’t access it today, I couldn’t even reset the password.

I contacted Walmart and that’s how I found out someone hacked my account. Karma is a *** and the loser who took from me will get his day.


What store in Wa State


I had the same thing happen on Nov. 6.

I had put the money on a gift card to spend it and the next day someone in West Palm Beach, FL spent my money! I called Walmart Savings Catcher and they said someone would investigate and my money would be refunded. I haven't heard a word from Walmart. I think Walmart employees are selling the gift card numbers as soon as they are issued.

I removed my credit card info. and I haven't used the app since!

to W8n4fri #1637981

I have the same suspicion, this is an inside job.


My savi gs catcher was hacked also, I'm so damn pissed and it says there are purchases in 3 different cities I have not been at!


Had 76. Taken from Walmart pay .. Don't use it !!!


Mine was hacked on 12/25 - 12/26. They changed my e-mail first.

I called Walmart immediately and was told not to worry.

I changed my e-mail back and changed my password, They spent $197 from my account on 12/26/18 at a Walmart store in Washington State. Now Walmart tells me my gift cards weren't registered to the e-mail I have on file!


Me too $71.54 take by some *** in Kissimmee fl


I was taken for $250+ of Savings Catcher money. I too had my email address changed and then the money was spent in Temple, PA.

Walmart has since refunded the money to a new gift card, but I can't even use it as there is an issue with the Walmart Pay App.

Every time I scan the QR code at the PIN pad, I get a message that says the card has been declined and I can't use the Pay App for security reasons....funny, the *** in PA didn't have that problem! So looks like I got my money back, but is just gonna sit there until the next attack when it's stolen again.....Thanks Wal-Mart!

to MDW #1620749

Buy some gift cards with it. Have them mailed to you, but don't put them in your Walmart account!


Same, went to buy something with my savings, no money there! It’s happened twice to me.

Someone hacked my account about a year ago, reported it. Walmart won’t do anything.

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