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I have been entering my receipts from Walmart on Savings Catcher App, now the app has been hacked and some lowlife has redeemed all of the rewards dollars that I have been saving!They took $102.73.

I called customer service and was told that they will escalate it to someone higher up. Called back today, told again that they will escalate it. Walmart Savings Catcher App is not secure! I need this refunded ASAP.

I have worked very hard to save these rewards. The tech on the phone told me how to access the e-gift card history.

The information on the history shows where they added the funds and then used them at Walmart.com on the same day, 8/15/17 Walmart app is not secure, thieves are accessing your other accounts through the Walmart App.And remove all Credit and Debit card info from your Walmart app and Walmart.com account.

Review about: Walmart Savings Catcher Rewards Program.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I save all my receipts to use for Christmas shopping for my grandbabies that I'm raising. I had over $300.00 on my catcher. I'm so upset.


I had $44.42 on my savings catcher and yesterday when I uploaded a receipt it said .98 . What the crap I earned that. NOT HAPPY!!!!


Mine too was stolen yesterday!Spent 2 hours on the phone where I was told Savings Catcher team would escalate and I should hear back on if I get the funds back in a month, however the gain access back into the Walmart.com account requires speaking to their team which was literally pointless.

After 2 hours I was told y several people the order that had been placed without my consent was cancelled, but I can't gain access to the account for at least 2 days. I just received an email, not sure how as when I try to login with my email and the forgot my PW link it says it's not a registered email, that the item the hacker ordered was shipped! I've never been more pissed in my life. And the reps at Walmart clearly do NOT care.

At this point I'm not even sure I want to waste another 2 hours of my life dealing with it over $60.

The Savings Catcher is nice, but I'm not sure if it's worth the hassle of possible being defrauded in the future.I also don't think I'll ever see a dime of my money again.


Wal Mart has a software program that only allows 58% of all uploaded receipts to get scanned by all available local competitors.The rest are cherry picked items on the receipts.

Items most likely to have the least price match savings. Such as soda or canned goods. I know this because I'm friends with a guy whos the IT service tech for this software. It's called Nexit Platinum Software.

It's based off cyber securities inititive located in Olean, NY.

Wal Mart does alot of profiling with these receipts so be careful.There's alot of privacy concerns associated with it.


I didn't like how they sectioned off my local wal mart store for the week of black friday last year.The check out lines were blocked off into one line.

They forced everyone into manmade shelf structures like cattle in stalls on a ranch. It was a total nightmare not to mention a fire hazard. I was forced to stare at all the as seen on tv stuff for 40 minutes. It got bad when a lady two carts ahead bumped into the lady in front of her.

A fight broke out & there was no where for anyone to go. People were cascading like dominos. A whole rack of bakery bread & kolache got trampled when a parent freaked & tried to get their child to safety. It took the cops so long to respond that by the time they got there the lady that started the fight was long gone.

All the kolache was smashed in a matter of seconds. I saw the cops outside talking to the other lady. She lit up a cigarette and was smoking so close to the doors the smoke was blowing in the building.

An elderly man sitting on the bench next to the gumball machines began to couch loudly.

His phleme was gurgling & he was choking.

A wal mart employee asked the lady to move but she only moved the cigarette to her other hand.They took the elderly man to Auntie Annies pretzle place inside wal mart.

to Betty Yoder #1389659

Lol sounds more like a Tuesday in April.


I recently had a receipt i added magically disappear while it was in the "validating" process.It was like someone removed it off my account & entered it on theird.

I emailed walmart about a week & half ago about this & have not heard back.It has to be someone who works for Wal Mart who has direct access to this specific app.


I've been hacked also.Although mine went from 25.00 + to 1.00.

I talked to a mgr at the store and she had no clue.I guess I won't use this anymore.


We went to use our $221 savings e gift card today, they told me we had $8.Have been on hold for customer service now for 55 minutes. Saved this money throughout the year! Not happy!


I have been shopping at Walmart for many years and am in the store on average of 3 times a week.I have been using the Savings Catcher for almost 2 years.

Yesterday I went to customer service to get a gift card for my $72.62 and was told I could get a gift card for 0.86!!! Receipt showed that someone in Texas hacked my account...I live in Virginia Beach, Va....how the *** does this happen?

So since I am not really saving at Walmart, I will just go elsewhere and shop!!!!VERY DISCOURAGING :(

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