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I have been entering my receipts from Walmart on Savings Catcher App, now the app has been hacked and some lowlife has redeemed all of the rewards dollars that I have been saving! They took $102.73.

I called customer service and was told that they will escalate it to someone higher up. Called back today, told again that they will escalate it. Walmart Savings Catcher App is not secure! I need this refunded ASAP.

I have worked very hard to save these rewards. The tech on the phone told me how to access the e-gift card history.

The information on the history shows where they added the funds and then used them at Walmart.com on the same day, 8/15/17 Walmart app is not secure, thieves are accessing your other accounts through the Walmart App. And remove all Credit and Debit card info from your Walmart app and Walmart.com account.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Savings Catcher Rewards Program.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Thanks for sharing. My savings catcher was used on November 9, 2018.

A similar amount was deducted at a Walmart in Prairieville, LA. It looks like they purchased gift cards during the transaction.


Just called Walmart myself after getting a message this morning and just trying to get into the account after work. Had a $100 gift card in there and they took almost all of it.

It would appear it was a WalMart grocery order because my "nearest" WalMart is Oregon. I'm in Pittsburgh. I don't see any regular walmart.com orders, so I have to figure that's it. Based on what I'm seeing below, I guess I'm not getting my gift card back.

If the damn system would have given me an actual code I could easily redeem on vudu.com I wouldn't have had the gift card in there. But because I'm connected to walmart wallet, all I can do is attach the gift card to my walmart account, but I can't use it on vudu. My password wasn't very complex, but still, getting groceries apparently delivered to Oregon when your previous .com orders have gone to PA isn't a red flag? At least I had previously deleted my credit cards off there.

The scammer changed my account password to @iname.com instead of my regular one. It really shouldn't be that easy to do that.


Well I have just joined the unfortunate group of hacked savings catcher people. $98.00 gone like that.

I had been saving for Christmas. Looks like some skumbag thieves will have a nice Christmas on me.

Called Walmart USELESS!!!! I’m done with the savings catcher.

to Karen #1593643

Agreed 100% Customer service seems to be waiting out those who were wronged until they give up. Or they're trying to keep this major *** of their website quiet.


I had a Walmart charge on my bank statement from a store in Florida. I live in Oklahoma.

Not only did I have to cancel my debit card, but my savings catcher $$ had been wiped out. So disappointed that Walmart now requires Walmart Pay for Savings Catcher.


Have you went on your WalMart pay? Mine automatically transfers into zeal-Matt pay.

I hope yours does too. I was wondering why I could scan a receipt today


happened to me too. thank you walmart for creating another loyal target customer


Mine got hacked yesterday. Everything changed I can’t log into my account.

My savings catcher money is gone that I save up every year for Xmas shopping. Look in my personal info and the guys name address and phone number are in it...in Mississippi. I’m in Wisconsin. There’s a Mac book in my cart but thank god it was out of stock so he couldn’t order it.

Then the jerk saved it so when it’s in stock there will send a notification.

Ridiculous. Called Walmart and they will “look into it.” Yah right


Haven't been to walmart in month or so. Checked my savings balance and come to find it all missing.

I live in California and someone from Georgia apparently used my account on October 5th. $69.42 was taken.


Me too, but only 18.00 dollars


Same thing happened to me, they changed my shipping address and cleared my savings. Supposedly they are escalating it to a higher power as nd said they would cancel the order and refund, but so far I'm not seeing either happen.


I had groceries delivered from Walmart Oct 18, 2018 using my Chase bank card. Today my account was shut down for a fraud charge: a $1009.00 Walmart charge taken from my bank account.

My Savings Catcher is still intact, but I'm *** for my debit card, all my auto payments and getting the money refunded quickly enough. THEN, I came home from work tonight to find I'd been subscribed to a zillion different websites and newsletters.

So, my email was taken, too. Walmart was hacked and they need to own up to it.


My account was hacked 9-23-18 35.10 all gone!!


My account was also hacked yesterday. They used all of my savings. What can we do about it?


Just noticed last night that $63.57 of my Savings Catcher balance was used at a Walmart in San Diego, CA. I live in Ohio.

I "chatted" on Walmart.com with a rep whose first language obviously was not English, and was told "Be sure that we will investigate this with our team. In this case I'm going to send an alert to them with this information." I was also given a phone number to call if I do not receive an e-mail within 48-72 hours.

Based on what I've read here and other places online, I'm not really counting on getting an e-mail or ever using that phone number. From what I've read, I think it would be a waste of my time anyway.


Happened yesterday in Bradenton Florida to me. $16 gone. This is absurd how many it’s happened to.


I just started my Savings Catcher last week. I submitted my first receipt on 10/7 for $318 which included 82 items I have been excited to see if I’ve earned anything.

The app says it can take up to 72hrs, it’s been longer than that but what concerns me more is I didn’t get email confirmation that they received the receipt but when I tried to resubmit it says I cannot duplicate receipts. I also submitted my receipt from 10/9 for $81 and 20 items but received an email about wal mart receiving that receipt but I haven’t been awarded anything.

Is it very likely that with spending $400 and over 100 items that I wouldn’t earn anything? It’s a mixture of food, clothing, electronics etc.


My whole freaking account is missing, so the money is probably gone, too, almost $50. Thanks, Wal-Mart.

to Angie #1579911

Hundreds of people have had this happen recently in the exact manner and Walmart staying silent through it allYou can google it and see the comments! !

After contacting savings catcher customer service and getting nowhere I went to Walmart.com and chatted with rep. App kept asking me to sign in but after several attempts said my email address wasn’t associated with an account! Rep said he did not see my email address. Then asked me if I had an order number for Walmart.com and I did!

He could see my email address was changed and gave it to me and I confirmed it was not me who changed it! He tried to get me to delete my old account for security reasons but I said no because I wanted to keep my rewards of almost $50! He told me to at least change my password. Before I changed it I noticed my savings catcher account that rep reset with my old email address was that my balance was now 38 CENTS!!

I then noticed My Store location that I had set was now showing Margate 33063. After checking I find it’s a Walmart in Margate FL I live in VA! Rep said they’d investigate and I called bs! I told him I had seen comments online of how the exact same thing has happened to a lot of people yet has anyone seen this on the news?

Radio? Facebook? No! Walmart is silent hoping it’ll pass.

Would be bad press to find out due to their severe lack of security on both savings catcher AND Walmart.com hundreds if not more just got hacked, robbed and go nothing from customer service! Boiling mad! Make them accountable!

Google contact dateline on NBC and a list of programs comes up. Post your story and maybe if enough speak up, justice will be served!


I had the same thing happen today

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