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I have been entering my receipts from Walmart on Savings Catcher App, now the app has been hacked and some lowlife has redeemed all of the rewards dollars that I have been saving! They took $102.73.

I called customer service and was told that they will escalate it to someone higher up. Called back today, told again that they will escalate it. Walmart Savings Catcher App is not secure! I need this refunded ASAP.

I have worked very hard to save these rewards. The tech on the phone told me how to access the e-gift card history.

The information on the history shows where they added the funds and then used them at Walmart.com on the same day, 8/15/17 Walmart app is not secure, thieves are accessing your other accounts through the Walmart App. And remove all Credit and Debit card info from your Walmart app and Walmart.com account.

Review about: Walmart Savings Catcher Rewards Program.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Same happened to me. The card was cashed out in February, at a store in Texas.

I'm in Tennessee and have never been to Texas. Called Walmart, they did nothing. The hacks didn't spend it until July, in Arizona. I've also never been to Arizona.

From November to July, my Walmart.com account has been hacked 3 times, and my savings catcher balance stolen. Walmart is the most insecure website I have ever dealt with. The hackers were able to change the email account and password associated with my Walmart.com account, and when I called them, they verified my name and previous email address and that was ALL. Not a birthday or security question, nothing.

Instead of spending every other month on the phone with Walmart, I called and canceled my account today.

Again, all they asked for was my name and email address. The savings catcher balance is not worth the headache of having my account hacked every 8 weeks.


I received an email on 9/11/18 saying my account had been changed, called and they took my info off after having to prove i was not her, she ordered stuff and had it shipped to KY, I am in Alabama?? still trying to get my $ back on my account.

they say 30 days?? didn't take her 30 day to get what I saved, shouldn't take 30 days to give it back!

to theresa #1559236

The exact same situation here. Stole my $77 and tier 2 support said they will have a resolution in 30 days.


This happened to me too. I'm in Kentucky and they stole $97 from me and used it in a Walmart store in Texas.

They told me the same thing about it taking 30 days. This is just ridiculous.


this just happened to me too i am so up set !!!!!!!


I got an email saying my account has been changed. I called savings catcher and while on the phone with them I changed my password and they said everything looked fine.

I checked the app 30 minutes later and my $77 was gone. I called back and after looking into it someone used all my money in Texas (I am in Ohio) The tech said they are escalating the case to tier 2 and I should get an email resolution within 30 days. 30 DAYS!!!!! Something fishy is going on here and I want to get to the bottom of it.

I used different passwords for all of my accounts. This is something on the savings catcher end.


My wife savings catching account just got hacked yesterday. She randomly checked her email and saw an email from Walmart saying that she changed her password and that if she changed her email, this would be the last email.

And yeah, they did change the Email + Password. luckily, she got the e-card # for the account from an old email and added it into a new account. So we went to Walmart and quickly spent the $43ish we had.

Unfortunately we had a card connected to the account. So we had to cancel it and order a new one.


Same thing happened to me on 8/29! The charged 108.00 to my credit card and also took my 29.00 in savings catcher money.

They were able to get a 105.00 refund in cash. This was all done at a Walmart in Zephyrhills,FL and I am in Georgia! Sorry bastards! I hate a thief!

I have just finished filing a police report here and also was able to give them the transaction number for the receipt. They have them on video!

I will be prosecuting their sorry butts, if and when they catch them. I have changed my Walmart password and email, as well as deleted my linked cards.


Mine was just hacked yesterday. Can not find a number to contact them. They also managed to get the debit card of my husband that was linked to there and made the purchase in store with debit info and all my savings catcher money.


I was also hacked, and I had my debit card number in there.... guess what not only did they use all my savings catcher money, but also used my debit card.

Freaking lowlifes.

I work hard for my money... I hope they get some bad juju coming their way.


Yesterday, 8/27/18, my credit card notified me of a potential fraud purchase of $179.34 at a Walmart in FL. I informed the CC company it was indeed fraud and they shut my card down.

Today, I went on my savings catcher app and there was a receipt uploaded from that exact transaction! The Walmart is located at 11720 E Dr. Martin Luther King Seffner FL 33584. They tried purchasing a Chromebook and a calling card.

I had $14.28 on my Savings Catcher they used on this purchase. When the card was declined, they then paid cash and used my savings catcher money to buy the calling card. THEN they returned the calling card and the Walmart associate put my $14.28 on a gift card to refund them.

:/ So they wiped out my savings catcher, but thankfully didn't get a free Chromebook! I wish I could upload the screen shot of this fraud!

to LG #1548457

I had mine hacked too.... they used my debit card that was stored in the Walmart savings catcher app....

they used all my Savings Catcher app money and 54. and some change on my debit card.


This same thing happened to me!! I called and filed a report and they told me it could take up to a month for them to investigate it and get back to me.

Well, about 2 weeks later they replaced my stolen savings catcher rewards! Good job, Walmart for being on top of this!


I got hit too. I am in India but someone redeemed my savings catcher amount of $27.52 in a store in CA.

This is ridiculous in today's era of strict Data privacy rules.

Pls take care of your Walmart payment methods. They are not secure.


That's why I don't used that saving damn mess *** , I buy everything CASH , which you people forgot to used in this days in time , anybody can *** a card but NOT your Cash people.

to Ms.Pretty #1548085

I use cash.. savings catcher has nothing to do with using cash or credit.

to Ms.Pretty #1558336

Gosh...really? If you would read you would learn this has nothing to do with payment methods. It has to do with the Savings Catcher system.


8/8/18 my debit card that I ONLY use at Walmart (I use it on the app so I can easily use Walmart Pay and use any savings catcher balance also) Was compromised. Fraudulent charges happening in Florida ( I live in Minnesota) I spoke with a manager at a CVS store my card was used at and they were able to look up that the man bought giftcards and had a physical card in his hand to swipe (my card is in my possession- never have lost and no one ever has access to my card and I do not know anyone in Florida and Ive never been there.) I filed a police report, changed all my passwords, cancelled my card But just beware! Oh and when I spoke with Walmart customer service they were kinda clueless So in 6 months to a year MAYBE Walmart will admit to this Ughhh I am PISSED

to IAmPissed #1537242

Same happened to me. Used my savings and my debit card with "Wal-Mart pay" in Florida. I live in Wisconsin.

to Anonymous #1540903

I am in minnesota and have contacted walmart several times i never get follow up its so annoying

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