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Ever since Walmart came out with the savings catcher I have used the service. The first couple of times I used it I checked the prices myself to make sure that they were giving me the correct amount on all the items.

You see Walmart states that you can buy all your products there, then you download your receipt, and it will go out and check prices with all the other local stores such as Target, Meijer, Jewel and so forth and if their price wasn't the lowest they will give you the difference on a gift card. At first this worked just fine and I was very happy with it because every couple of weeks I would get anywhere between $2 and $6 and I let it accumulate and then I would put it on a gift card. I had my first real large receipt about a year or so ago and I'm going to say it was about a $300 receipt and I got excited entering it as I thought that I would get at least $10 back on this one, well to my surprise I never got anything and of course I went to enter it again but it was too late because it only lets you enter it for 7 days. I honestly thought I might have entered it wrong even though I triple checked it but either way it was not that big of a deal and I continue to use this app.

Well then about a month or two later the same thing happened I had a very large receipt about $300 and I know I was very careful and train each and every receipt because I did not want to lose out on this great app. Well what do you know the same thing happened I didn't get a penny and then it happened again well on the third time I was smart enough to take a picture of what I entered and I kept the receipt and would you know I could not find one single place where I could contact Savings Catcher. I even called Walmart directly and they could not give me the phone number I was told to go online because I must be mistaken that it wasn't there. Well since then it's happened two more times to a point where I know up front that they're not going to give me a penny because the receipt is too high, in fact my last receipt that I entered when I checked the prices I should have gotten at least $25 back.

I do have a phone number now and I'm going to call them, the sad thing is though probably offered me a $10 gift card which I will accept but from now on I've taken my business elsewhere simply because I don't like dishonesty. So don't even bother with it it's a waste of time and they're just decide must about everything if you spend over $200. Just another dishonest Big Box store. I'm going to put that I want to be contacted by them but I won't hold my breath.

I did however get the savings catcher phone number when I had another issue with them not accepting a $10 gift card for an online order.

It's too bad because I spent at least $5,000 a year there. I guess it's peanuts to them.

Review about: Walmart Savings Catcher Mobile Application.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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My receipts never disappear from savings catcher. IDK why you think u should get that much back?

Savings catcher only scans the sale ads not the entire database of items/prices at other stores. TBT no company is going to be hurt (if anything they are going to benefit) by the loss of a customer who complains about mythical things.

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