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Ever since Walmart came out with the savings catcher I have used the service. The first couple of times I used it I checked the prices myself to make sure that they were giving me the correct amount on all the items.

You see Walmart states that you can buy all your products there, then you download your receipt, and it will go out and check prices with all the other local stores such as Target, Meijer, Jewel and so forth and if their price wasn't the lowest they will give you the difference on a gift card. At first this worked just fine and I was very happy with it because every couple of weeks I would get anywhere between $2 and $6 and I let it accumulate and then I would put it on a gift card. I had my first real large receipt about a year or so ago and I'm going to say it was about a $300 receipt and I got excited entering it as I thought that I would get at least $10 back on this one, well to my surprise I never got anything and of course I went to enter it again but it was too late because it only lets you enter it for 7 days. I honestly thought I might have entered it wrong even though I triple checked it but either way it was not that big of a deal and I continue to use this app.

Well then about a month or two later the same thing happened I had a very large receipt about $300 and I know I was very careful and train each and every receipt because I did not want to lose out on this great app. Well what do you know the same thing happened I didn't get a penny and then it happened again well on the third time I was smart enough to take a picture of what I entered and I kept the receipt and would you know I could not find one single place where I could contact Savings Catcher. I even called Walmart directly and they could not give me the phone number I was told to go online because I must be mistaken that it wasn't there. Well since then it's happened two more times to a point where I know up front that they're not going to give me a penny because the receipt is too high, in fact my last receipt that I entered when I checked the prices I should have gotten at least $25 back.

I do have a phone number now and I'm going to call them, the sad thing is though probably offered me a $10 gift card which I will accept but from now on I've taken my business elsewhere simply because I don't like dishonesty. So don't even bother with it it's a waste of time and they're just decide must about everything if you spend over $200. Just another dishonest Big Box store. I'm going to put that I want to be contacted by them but I won't hold my breath.

I did however get the savings catcher phone number when I had another issue with them not accepting a $10 gift card for an online order.

It's too bad because I spent at least $5,000 a year there. I guess it's peanuts to them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Savings Catcher Mobile Application.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I’ve experienced the same issues and what I have determined is the following: If you review your receipts at Wal-Mart versus other stores...notice how vague the descriptions are. They intentionally do that so nothing matches anymore.

ScamClub does exactly the same bs. What a legacy...smh


Well now they are ending the program altogether. My reasons for going to the understocked and understaffed store dwindle each time I go there.

I refuse to self check. I will continue to frequent other stores more frequently.

@Sharon Orman

I agree 100% ,this savings catcher stinks. I also made up my mind not to use the self check out.

Someone is going to lose their job.

Customer service is *** poor. Went today and they had one cashier open, with at least ten customers waiting in line, Finally, they opened 2 more registers, this was 11:30 am Monday the 25 th.


I have had the same problem. Can I please have that phone number?


I know how you feel. I was spending no less than $300 a week in Walmart.

Then the same thing happened to me and I found out that you now have to use the Walmart Pay if you want your receipt entered. You can no longer save your savings catcher rewards. Your rewards will automatically be applied to your next purchase when you use the Walmart pay, which I hate! Not to mention, more often than not, the Walmart pay app conveniently freeze's up when I try to use it; however, it never freezes when I place an online order where I don't get any rewards.

Moreover, it is just very inconvenient. After spending an hour or two shopping, I then have to get my phone out, open the app, wait for it to load if it doesn't freeze, all while trying to load my bags in the cart, verses whipping out my card and paying in a matter of seconds. In addition, I used to save my rewards and spend them on school supplies or something I wanted to save up for. I could rack up over $100 in rewards in about three months.

Needless to say, I am back to shopping for the best prices online at other stores. Just made an $87 purchase at chewy.com for dog an cat food. Target sells paper products for the same amount or cheaper. Besides the fact that Walmart rarely has everything in stock that I need anymore since they have taken it upon, I am now forced to go to another store anyway because I have no intentions of using margarine.

Maybe they are trying to clog up our arteries with all of that oil in the margarine so we have to go to the pharmacy and buy more prescriptions. What ever the reason, If I have to go to more than one store and I can't tell if the Walmart app is going to freeze before I get to the register, I will do all of my online where I can compare the prices because it is a waste of my time and money to depend on that App to work when I get to the register every time!


YOu can save the money you just need to shut the Egift card off in the savings catcher


Yes I learned that the hard way


Who has time to get out phone and wait on app,load groceries,watch sales person and not hold up the line! This new way for savings catcher absolutely sucks!!!!!


The savings catcher went to *** as soon as they changed the app October 2018. Before that I always got something back but since then I have submitted hundreds of receipts and from October 2018 to now (January 2019) I haven't gotten anything back.

They changed the app on purpose to save money. I'm over it


Walmart Pay is one of the most poorly designed apps I have run into. In the store where I shop, Cell reception is so bad you can barely get enough signal to connect (Carrier doesn't make any difference) App is slow to respond.

I did not want to enter my credit card info into their app but I did so reluctantly so I could continue getting savings catcher rewards. Now, I see where people are getting hacked and loosing both their savings catcher rewards and credit card info. That is the final straw...I pulled my Credit card info off of their app and at Walmart.com... No more savings catcher for me.

The only way around this appears to be buying a Walmart gift card but if people are going to steal that too... why bother?? Once again a big company can't leave something that worked well alone. Walmart Pay was not "New and Improved" - this change was both an aggravation to customers and another way to screw the customers, since I can find no way to see which items were credited as they were under savings catcher...

just tells you how much money you saved and those average amounts look much lower than I have historically seen in the past. What was so bad about scanning receipts later?




My Goodness! It's like Dealing with the Government!


I've had the exact same thing happen to me, this Walmart savings catcher is a complete joke. When the receipt is a large amount you don't get peanuts back.

I've taken my business elsewhere too. I'll only shop at Walmart if it's my last resort and if it's an emergency.


Same thing happened to me and this new savings catcher they changed too is even worse. I forget to scan the barcode the last 3x’s and called customer service they said they can’t do anything about it.


Of today I’m shopping only target and Meijers myself. Dishonesty doesn’t get my money.


Same here!


We just talked to Walmart Savings catcher department. Told that our receipt MIGHT show up in Walmart Pay tomorrow.

Not holding our breath. They are laughing all the way to the bank!


As all comments, I am very disappointed of Walmart saving catcher it was fine when they let you upload your purchase by PAPER... now you can only do it by Walmart pay and if you forget to scan at the cashier your done!!!

I called saving cashier and there is NO way to add it.

What they want is to force you to use the new Walmart pay app. Go back to paper receipts !!!!!




The app freezes all too often, or there's no connection, and my favorite, my phone is in the car or at home!


I always assumed they started savings catcher to save time from customers pulling out flyers from other stores for price matching. Now with this change my next trip I will go purposely to buy every single thing I can find cheaper in the flyers Sunday.

I pay cash when I grocery shop so new walmart pay savings catcher won't work for me.

I'm beyond annoyed. I say we all ban together this holiday season and hold up those lines for our price match guarantee until walmart changes it back!