It was Walmart.com/savings catcher that was hacked. I found out within a few hours of when my account was hacked.

I cancelled the debit card and credit card that was stored under Walmart.com as well. I changed passwords on every account that requires money (like Amazon, ebay, my bill pays, etc), and everythign that doesn't involve money. Everything has different passwords now, it's a flipping nightmare. At the request of Walmart, I set up a different email account and password to use with savings catcher.

Interestingly, since the *** I've only had 3 receipts yield a positive account balance - about $4.50. Prior to the ***, there was a savings on probably 2 out of every 5 receipts I submitted. Three months later however, I am STILL fighting with Walmart to retrieve the $45.28 that was stolen from me.

They keep telling me they sent it, that I spent it and they will escalate my complaint that No I didn't receive it and spend it. Three months and they are still feeding me BS time and time again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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