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Walmart savings catcher money disappeared. I had accumulated $123 in my Walmart savings catcher reward money.

I was saving this money to use it Christmas this year. I just scanned a receipt today and it says I only have $.95 available. What happened to my $123?

I save it for a long time with the intention of using it for Christmas this year. I sure hope you can help me

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Savings Catcher Rewards Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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2nd time I lost all my savings. Over $100. No help from customer service


Same thing happened to me last week only I had over $400 saved. Walmart's website states that there was no reason to have to cash out the account because they were dropping the savings catcher program since the money would be safely saved on an eGift card. I called Walmart to find out what was going on and all I got was a "I feel your pain but sorry, we have no record of it".


Funny....I just read an article that claimed you would still be able to use the savings catcher money you had earned. That’s hard to do when they delete an account I had had for 10+ years.

I tried to log in, was not able to, and when I tried to reset my password it said my account did not exist.

Why not just send out an email saying there was a cut off date to use your rewards instead of being slimy and deleting accounts just so customers can’t redeem? Not okay.


I think that the Wal-Mart "Shoplift Catchers" should have some well trained dogs that they can turn to loose to chase down any fleeing suspects. The shoplift catcher could call out "Stop, or I'm going to turn the dog loose on you!" and if the person still didn't stop, then the dog could be turned loose to chase them down and hold onto their leg until the shoplift catcher could slap the handcuffs on them.


This. Is.

Absolutely. Retarded.


The Savings Catcher program just ended. I thought I lost my saved up Rewards as well.

I was able to call Walmart and speak to a customer service representative - who was able to show me how to access the money I thought I'd lost. In the Walmart Pay App (if you don't already have this set up, you'll have to do so), go to the Gear Icon/Settings in the upper right of the screen. Scroll down and hopefully you'll see the amount you had saved up as an eGift card. All you need to do is turn on the card and click done.

It was actually very easy...I just didn't know where to find it. Hopefully this helps.




Thank you!!!


Walmart is now treating their customers like the treat their employees. They took all their sick time away.

Most employees lost a 192 sick hours.

Not surprised about the savings catcher at all. We lost $100.


Yep only had $30 but mine is gone as well


Thank Goodness I never wasted the time trying to do the whole Wal-Mart money catcher thing. Actually, I was too busy doing the price matches all the time, but they cracked down on it because people kept trying to scam them.

Since they stopped, I have thought about doing money catcher, but figured that it wasn't worth my time fooling with. Thank yall for confirming my suspicions for me. Also, I still think that they should position some real mean and scary looking dudes at the doors to deter shoplifting. These ex-con's mere appearance would be enough to deter an would be shoplifter from trying to make off with a pair of shoes or a basket full of groceries, or a wide screen television.

And they would be paid a living wage just for standing around all day sizing up everybody that passed by. it would save the taxpayers money not having to pay to house them in prison anymore.


My savings catcher reward dollars is also gone $50 bucks, I can still see all my purchases in my history and no one has used my reward dollars either, so where did they go? Walmart needs to step and take care of this matter, since there phasing out there reward plan on May 14 2019, you know there not going to though. I too think there should be a class action suit....sign me up!


I had the same thing happen! Over $100.

That I'd been saving since the program started. Now my $$ is gone, customer support doesn't want to help, and my buying history is gone.


I just discovered the very same thing. Where did the money go?


Same here, this is 2nd time this has happened. 1st time I lost $47 this time $17.

Not a lot but it is still my money.

I call and all they say is I will escalate to higher up and nothing gets done. This is flat out stealing from customers.


Not only is my savings catcher money gone, but it doesn’t even accumulate after using Walmart pay.


Well I only lost $33 and some change, but it's the principle. I couldn't get into Walma Pay because it didn't reconize my emaiI.

Also, my first name was wrong. I reported it and they fixed problem, but then my rewards vanished. I could see that someone in TX or PA used my rewards about that time. I live in FL.

I emailed customer service twice with details and this time, no answer.

I'm so through with all the changes they make to the program. Is anyone doing a class action lawsuit?

@Joyce G

I had the exact same thing happen! It said it didn't recognize my email and now I've lost nearly $40.

It's disgusting that they are stealing from their customers! I ordered something just over a month or two ago with the same email address, and now it doesn't recognize it...

@Joyce G

Same happened to me. Wouldn’t recognize my email.

Couldn’t reset password or anything. Actually had to create a whole new account. Even used the same email to create an new account. Must time when you do that, site will say email address already being used, but it did not.

Lost around $70. Called and they could not figure how I was able to create a new account with using a precious email.

Was like I just blew their mind. Seems like someone needs to file a class action law suit over this “theft”.


same here. someone in NY changed my password Oct 6 and took my $161 and spent it on Long Island, I live in Indiana.

Walmart gave me a $170 credit a few days later but to this day that gift card is not attached to my Walmart Pay. I have a balance of over $178 that I can't spend.

I call once a week and I am told 5 business days to process.... that was two months ago today.