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Walmart savings catcher money disappeared. I had accumulated $123 in my Walmart savings catcher reward money.

I was saving this money to use it Christmas this year. I just scanned a receipt today and it says I only have $.95 available. What happened to my $123?

I save it for a long time with the intention of using it for Christmas this year. I sure hope you can help me

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Savings Catcher Rewards Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Just chatted, and this was the reply. You can call the savings catcher team at 1866-224-1663 or email them at 866-224-1663 or forward email to SavCatch@wal-mart.com. Savings Catcher hours of operation Monday through Sunday 7 AM - 9pm


I just realized that when I logged into VUDU with my Walmart account ID is when someone hacked my account and took all of my saving catcher savings. I live in NY money was spent at store 1184 in GA.


I have the same issue. Over $100 gone.

The number I got from a chat with Walmart help was 1-866-224-1663. I waited on hold for 8 minutes and gave up.

What a terrible thing for Walmart to do just before Black Friday. It’s not like they aren’t getting their money back and then some.


Not everyone has an iphone why mess with something that was working? Will Walmart change it back?


I have had 198.00 wiped out today when I was finally ready to spend it. I've tried getting help and nothing


I could not sign in and had to create a new account. I lost all my money too.


Also had almost $80 wiped out


My money around $60.00 wiped out at well


After my SC app told me I no longer had a gift card to charge against I went to my account on Walmart.com. It said I still had a balance.

The app, however, says I have nothing. I told this to the helpdesk at 800-Walmart and after about 20 min. waiting for the help desk to investigate, she assigned it an incident number and said she will send it to the tech team and have the SC account 're-linked' to the app and I should know something within 5 bus. days.

I don't know if everyone else is experiencing the same or a different issue than I am having, but you might check your online Walmart account and see if you have any gift cards showing a balance. The virtual gift card has a unique number assigned to it as if it were a plastic gift card you put in your wallet. The problem is, you have to call the number, wait in the queue and listen to elevator music for 20 minutes and ask a representative what the number is. Once you have that, I'm pretty sure you can use the gift card by that number until it can be relinked to you app.

Again, this might help if your app says you don't have a gift card and your account on walmart.com says you do. Hope that help.


I just found out my $35 balance has been wiped out. Trying to talk to someone about this is turning into a real headache. Anyone have any luck finding out what happened to the money and what we can do to get it back?


Had $134. disappear, and will not use a app to pay as I have had my identity stolen before. I spoke with someone on the phone that basically told me too bad..


And I have filed a complaint but have not heard back from them.


I had over $30.00 disappear. I was also saving this for Christmas to.


So how do I get my money if I don't want to use the walmart epay? Sounds like bait and switch to me!! So long Walmart!!!

to Tammy W #1591870

I agree. Not doing a card for them! That's a bunch of ***


Call 1-800-925-6278 to file your complaint

to Anonymous #1592209

I did. Still haven't gotten it back. This was part of my Christmas they took away.


The same thing haSpprnd to me today!!!!


lost mine too. I have over $50.00 PISSED OFF


The same thing happened to me today. Hopefully, it’s a glitch.

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