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Walmart savings catcher money disappeared. I had accumulated $123 in my Walmart savings catcher reward money.

I was saving this money to use it Christmas this year. I just scanned a receipt today and it says I only have $.95 available. What happened to my $123?

I save it for a long time with the intention of using it for Christmas this year. I sure hope you can help me

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That happened to me before and it showed back up after a few hours. It's doing it again today. I hope it's just a glitch in the system.


Just happened to me, $141 gone by someone in Ormond Beach FL...Please call 800-925-6278 option 4 and report it, they will help you


Savings catcher account empty. So ticked off right now!!


Mine is gone too!


Same thing happened to me. What can we do???


Same thing happened to me today. I received an email late last night from walmart.com saying that my email address was changed.

I tried to log in and it did not recognize my email address.

I'm on the phone with customer service now and they changed my email back but when I logged in my savings catcher dollars were gone!!! I'm on hold waiting for a CS rep with the SC program now.


Try updating the App. It worked for me.


I had almost $60, and did use $39 of it on 09/10. I just checked my reward balance, and the remaining amount is gone as well. Has anyone found the problem?


me too it just happned to me as well


Update your app... it fixed mine.


Why is my savings reawards gone without me using any of my cash dollars!?


I lost $142.00 and called Walmart. I jumped through the hoops and now have all my money back!


Same thing just happened to me and I saw someone’s suggestion on here to check the Walmart Pay. I did and my balance was on there. I guess they’re automatically moving the balances now.


same thing here. they went poof!


Did you check in your Walmart Pay? Mine says I have $0 but then when I click on walmart pay it say Gift Card total: $xx.xx so it shows there, maybe try spending it at walmart first and if it doesn't let you then call.


I'm in the same boat.


Are you checking your payment methods on the app? It sends your balance to a gift card even if its only a few cents.


The same thing happen to me twice. I called them last week, they said my account was hacked and they should refund my balance in a week or so.

I've been checking my account and nothing has been added back yet. in the meantime I've been scanning my receipts and was rewarded more money and that is now gone.


What happened to my walmart money? I went and scanned a recipe today and my 100$ is gone. What happened to it??


I thought I had the same thing but closed and reopened my app and they are there.

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