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Walmart savings catcher money disappeared. I had accumulated $123 in my Walmart savings catcher reward money.

I was saving this money to use it Christmas this year. I just scanned a receipt today and it says I only have $.95 available. What happened to my $123?

I save it for a long time with the intention of using it for Christmas this year. I sure hope you can help me

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Same thing happened to me! And they refuse to respond to emails or do anything about it and I've called 4 times !


Same thing has happened to me


Same exact thing has happened to me. I have deligently scanned in my receoand each time I have tried to use the money and received a notification that an email would be sent the money disappears.

This is over $150.00.

The only reason I still scan my receipts is to have a back up receipt in the event I need to return an item.It makes me angry that Walmart has done this when essentially this Savings Catcher program sole purpose is to gather information on my spending ha its and then market products to me.I’ve tried to get help and have been told that I must have spent the money. How could I have spent the money when I never receive an email, gift card or anyway to spend it!


I received a email from walmarts telling me how much money I had accumulated and now I can't get it nor the app. Why?


Every time I get about 11 or 12 dollars accumulated, it disappears.....I get no notice!..I thought that I could keep accumulating!...what is wrong??


I too had thought that accumulated funds in Saving Catcher had been stolen from my account (over $96), but I found this posting and sure enough I too had received an email from Walmart on 9/14/2017 with the subject line "Your Savings Catcher rewards will be transferred to an eGift Card soon." However, I did not get any follow-up emails and didn't think about it again until seeing this posting.

The way I got my $96 back was by:

1) Logged onto my account at www.walmart.com

2) In the pull-down menu under my name, I selected "Savings Catcher"

3) Under "My Reward Card" I selected "Resend my eGift Card"

The email I received has a card number and a pin that I then went back to the Walmart site and registered it, where it then showed me my $96 was added to my account.

There is also a bar code sent in the email received so that the email could be printed out and barcode scanned to get your Savings Catcher money, but the email received doesn't state how much money is on the gift card. The information I found in this posting and on this website I found extremely helpful, and hopefully I will be able to help someone else whose Savings Catcher money suddenly disappeared.

to Mark #1397071

How do u registered it


This exact thing happened to me as well. I just looked today and there is only $3!


I thought that all of my savings were gone like these other reviews. But, I save most of my emails.

There was a notice on 9/14 stating that that they would be transferring the money to an e-gift card for the holiday season, then a reminder in 10/10, then the loading of it on 10/17/17. Hope this review helps others too.

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