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Walmart savings catcher money disappeared. I had accumulated $123 in my Walmart savings catcher reward money.

I was saving this money to use it Christmas this year. I just scanned a receipt today and it says I only have $.95 available. What happened to my $123?

I save it for a long time with the intention of using it for Christmas this year. I sure hope you can help me

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Call 1-800-walmart. Whoever is hacking changed my email, but not the password and spent my balance.

HOWEVER, these thieves are getting our info from WALMART.COM!

They're getting hacked on a regular basis it sounds like. I live in PA and the last purchase was made in Washington state.


I am very upset that I went into my savings catcher account last week and I had over $33.00 and then I log back in a few days later and now it is gone. I have e-mailed thru the contact us 3 times with not response.

This is unacceptable. How can I get help? I now only have $1.88 left. I have been unemployed and need this for my groceries.

PLEASE help. What else can I do. The receipts seem to all be there. I searched my Walmart account and Walmart pay but nothing is there.

I don't know what else to say. I have well over 100 words please submitThank You,


I'm joining the ranks - I had $84 saved up and yesterday it was gone. Looked online at purchase history - I'm in MD and it was spent in MA.

I scanned receipts in MD on same day they purchased in MA! Frustrating. I also have someone else's address and a credit card on my account - that are not me.

Calling 1-800-Walmart now - hope I get some resolution too! They need to make their eCard's more secure - I'd gladly have to put in a pin or some other code etc to access when redeeming.


I looked and its some type of bull crap on their end cause most my receipts I scanned are not showing I have a stack of them and they are gone from my account it shows for this year I only scanned 2 and I go to Walmart every week and scan them in. So their system deleted your receipts I bet and they took the money out.


Yeah most of mine is gone also once again Walmart online gets hacked and once again you hear nothing on the news about it each time it happens


My savings catcher/ecard balance was stolen in PA. I live in WI. I called and was told my complaint was being escalated to their Tier 2 reps to look into...hoping that they are willing to replace my lost funds.


Had $167 stolen in PA. I live in MO and shopped at a Walmart the same morning.

Shouldn't be hard to figure out it wasn't me.

Looks like they've had a breech with the number of complaints in the last month. Let's see how long it takes them to announce it.


I'm glad that Walmart got the savings catcher. Y'all might complain about it but the fact that they have it when they don't have to have it at all and shouldn't have it only says good things about the intentions of most Walmart.

So many customers try to cheat the system and ruin a good thing. Anyway, have a nice day...

to realm188 #1509319

You're a Walmart employee. Aren't you?

I'm reading about ppls money being taken including mine. And you're talking this BS. I had $70 dollars in the lifetime rewards. I checked today 6/28/18 and the balance is $0.

You say they don't have to have the service. Why not. Just another way to rip ppl off.

Target here I come. Bump Walmart.


My saving catcher app keeps disappearing what can I do


I had the same thing happen. Apparently, this was a fraud job in Florida (mine was in Hialeah and I had to check a map to see where it was).

I called Walmart at 1-800-walmart. I told them what happened, he looked at my account, and said: "I'm guessing you're not in Florida." They seemed up to speed on this and seem to be running the investigation.

I was told 3 - 5 days to have my rewards dollars replaces. Walmart may not have known last year what was happening, but they seem to be on top of it now - they told me what I was going to tell them.I guess I'm not pissed.


Add me to the list. I had 23 or 27 dollars saved up and suddenly I am at 2.12.

I did online chat with someone who gave me an email address and a phone number.

I got no response from the email. I will try the phone number on Monday.


My savings catcher money WAS stolen and was able to go on the Walmart website under my savings catcher and see where the bastards cashed my rewards in there is only one Walmart I cash my rewards at and RENO NEVADA isn’t it......contacted Walmart and got no response surprise surprise


I just lost $57. $20 of it was in gift cards and the rest of it was from my savings catcher. It was all there last week.


I had $90. Gone as of today 6/13/18 with no notice.


Looked at my account and I am also missing all my accumulated dollars. What is going on Walmart?


Has anyone received any resolution on these claims? I have just recently had the same thing happen to my savings of around $50.00. I emailed and have not received any response.

to Tracy Harbison #1511516

I called in March. Still nothing


Same here. Savings Catcher no longer exists and I was told I would receive WalMart gift card.

Never happened! I only had $25, but still...


Mine did the same thing. What's going on with it?

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