Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Dear Customer, (Like the want you to believe they care)

Thank you for using Savings Catcher (Translated - but you were using it too much). We wanted to share with you an update on some changes to the program (Translated - you're just gonna go through the motions, but you will no longer be getting any savings). Beginning February 14, 2015, (Happy Valentines Day Suckers.......just popped you no notice...ha ha ha) we are removing some departments consisting mostly of items that do not have a like for like match at other retailers, such as produce and bakery items. (Translated - Which were the only items I ever got any savings from-produce) Additionally, we are limiting our comparisons to offers of other mass market retailers, grocery and dollar stores, removing comparisons with drug stores. (Translated - so as to not give you any savings......cause that is not the point of this useless program)

Thanks again for using Savings Catcher and shopping with us (Translated - Keep spending your *** money in our stores.....suckers). We are dedicated to providing customers like you with Everyday Low Prices. It's a mission we're proud of and we'll continue to work hard to deliver for you. ( you hear them laughing in the back ground........)

For details on these and other changes, please visit our Terms of Use or FAQs.


Your Walmart Savings Catcher Team


Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Useless savings catcher program.

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alright im a walmart cashier im going to let you in on a secret you price match at the register its better and you can check if you want to save money and do the price mathhing fast here are some tips

1) bring your own ads it says not to but you should instead of us looking them up online

2)circle the stuff your price matching on the ads so we can find it

3) some times we dont need to see the ad

4) we price match but only if it says fulfilled by amazon and newegg.

5) price matching only goes us to 10 miles away from the walmart store (go figure) 6)if your so good at price matching and your do it to well it wil ask for a csm (which is good you are a god at it) 7) Absolutely get the app flipp its amazing has like heb and other store and you can save your ads on the phone!!! 8)produce price match first and meat be careful about it needs to be exact 9) Store managers have final say on price matching so if your not happy go to them 10) dont ever use the excuse oh well that cashier did it for me last time that doesn't work and we dont want to lose our job just $2.00 for you just go through their line 11) find a fast cashier there pretty good at price matching 12)dont ask us if were open if our light is not on our policy and managers are very strict on that stuff last but not least I austinisatwin do not express the view or opnions of walmart Inc. these are my personal opnions


Purchase Summary

from September 13, 2015

Purchased at 10001 WOODLANDS PKWY SPRING 77382

TC # 0773 8029 2150 2944 8836 3

Lower price found (7 items) Hide

SEC OUTLST W/OLAY SS Qty: 1.00 $3.97Walmart $2.99Kroger $0.98You got back LD COSMIC BROWNIES Qty: 1.00 $1.62Walmart $1.50Kroger $0.12You got back SEC OUTLST W/OLAY SS Qty: 1.00 $3.97Walmart $2.99Kroger $0.98You got back DWNY APR FSH 51 Qty: 1.00 fo $3.88Walmart $3.79Kroger $0.09You got back LD CHOC CHIP CAKES Qty: 1.00 $1.88Walmart $1.50Kroger $0.38You got back CHO FLIP BAN NUT 5.3 Qty: 1.00 $1.18Walmart $1.00Target $0.18You got back LD DEVIL SQUARES Qty: 1.00 $1.88Walmart $1.50Kroger $0.38You got back Not matched (34 items) Hide See how we compare AQUAFINA .5L 32PK Qty: 1.00 ca $4.98Walmart OB TBM PH AIO SF 1CT Qty: 1.00 $3.47Walmart PB GRD HM BTR TST 8 Qty: 1.00 $1.68Walmart OS SWAGGER VALUE PK Qty: 1.00 $9.88Walmart GILLETTE GEL TWIN Qty: 1.00 $7.47Walmart ELM BURRITO BN & CHS Qty: 1.00 $2.88Walmart MUL GRK STRAW 5.3OZ Qty: 1.00 $0.88Walmart PT RED VELVET 8CT Qty: 1.00 $1.88Walmart CL KSH SLICE PKLE 20 Qty: 1.00 $2.98Walmart PT HOT FUDGE 8CT Qty: 1.00 $1.88Walmart JD SAGE SSG ROLL 1# Qty: 1.00 $3.50Walmart JD SSG BISCUIT 1.06# Qty: 1.00 $5.28Walmart DMX 23 CT BEEF TAQ Qty: 1.00 $4.98Walmart REP MAX AERO BNS Qty: 1.00 $3.42Walmart CR MW PHADV FM 1L Qty: 1.00 $5.97Walmart GLD FLS DPCLMNT 40M Qty: 1.00 $3.37Walmart CR TP PH WHT 2X6 Qty: 1.00 $4.97Walmart OS RZ SWG DEO/BS Qty: 1.00 $7.47Walmart GRTN FISH STK 52 CNT Qty: 1.00 $5.98Walmart GREEN TEA LUNKERFROG Qty: 1.00 $7.46Walmart CR TP PH WHT 4.2 Qty: 1.00 $2.67Walmart ELM CHIMI BF & BN Qty: 1.00 $2.88Walmart FAGE GR STR 0% 5.3OZ Qty: 2.00 $2.74 ($1.37 ea)Walmart STARTER QUARTER ZIP Qty: 1.00 $12.44Walmart GV CRUNCHY 40OZ Qty: 1.00 $4.37Walmart WRGT HKY SMK BCN 40 Qty: 1.00 $10.38Walmart SCTS VALUE PUMPK SPI Qty: 1.00 $3.47Walmart RG TD5 PS ARC REFRSH Qty: 1.00 $3.47Walmart LB 8" SOFT TACO 10CT Qty: 2.00 $3.96 ($1.98 ea)Walmart BHG WAX MELON KIWI Qty: 2.00 $4.00 ($2.00 ea)Walmart APPLE HONEYCRISP HM Qty: 1.78 lb $4.40 ($2.47 / lb)Walmart SECRET INVSOL Qty: 1.00 $1.74Walmart PT FR SMRS 8CT Qty: 1.00 $1.88Walmart BB CUTICLE CREME Qty: 1.00 $5.97Walmart Total Price:$178.79 Taxes: $5.66


I have noticed the past few receipts i added were declined a couple days later as invalid ..seems they lost more money then expected


So shop somewhere else. It's a free country.


Thanks for the obvious and useless comment......