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I have 58 bucks on my savings catcher (had it for 2 years almost )not only that I have bought like 4 things online worked great THEN bug now even tho it shows 58 bucks for me on the app and on the web when I went to my walmart store I went to buy a book (19.97) and a mnt. dew kick starter they rung it up and BAM took 9 bucks out and said I had 0 left over..like what the heck !? I checked again and it said I still had money 51 bucks but still showed up as 0 when I called them on top of all that I went to my walmart customer service and they couldn't help me AT ALL so then sent me to someone who worked there that used it all the time and they told me to call the 1 809 number (funny seeing u can't GET ANYONE LIVE ) so I grid 2 hrs (not mentioning the time searching for other help numbers ) to find out I had to email them for any live help I did that at 3 45 they sent me an email saying someone would email shortly it's now 5 59 WORST CUSTOMERS SERVICE EVER and the fact I can't even get help with the app SMH

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Savings catcher had not been around for anywhere near two years. If you are "mistaken" about this, what else are you getting wrong in your complaint?


Savings catcher just started a few months ago so how is it that you've had money on it for 2 years???

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