Walmart Savings Catcher Rewards Program Reviews

I am very disappointed with Savings Catcher program .. In beginning all went good. Received $20 refund. Then refunds started disappearing. And APP DIDNT WORK AT ALL WHEN CHECKING OUT IN STORE. All receipts are still on my phone but now they are harder to find and there is no way to check my status is my store of preference price wise (although prices rise each week ....and I get less social security because cost of medical had risen and...
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Walmart Shopper from Pensacola Florida I don't care which Walmart I go into in Pensacola Florida but everytime I try to enter my receipts numbers in the Savings Catcher they can't be read because they qnever keep enough ink in their registers so that you can read the numbers is this their way of getting out of paying people for the Savings Catcher is this another Walmart scam.
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Anonymous OP:
Just to let you know this...
Walmart and other retailers do not use ink to print out receipts. Thermal paper is used instead.
In fact my current employer uses the...