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I had this happen too! What I've found is the Walmart cashiers are using the saving catcher function on the register.

See, they have different options when cashing out a customer. Cash, credit, debit and saving catcher. They DO NOT have to use the "Saving Catcher" option. That will apply any of your saving catcher $ to your purchase.

So if you have $10 in your savings catcher and purchase $20 worth of groceries and the cashier uses the savings catcher payment option. The system will apply the full $10 from you savings catcher to the amount. Then you will owe the remaining balance. To prove this, if you goto self check out, scan in your "savings catcher" app scan in all your groceries and at the payment options DO NOT use savings catcher, just credit/debit or cash.

The system allows you to do a normal transaction with NO $ being taken from your "savings catcher $" and you can submit your receipt allowing you to build up your "Savings catchers" balance.

See, Walmart IS NOT training their cashiers to ask "if you would like to use your savings catcher balance" they are just doing it regardless if your wanting it used or NOT! Even management has been trained to tell their staff to just apply customers "savings catcher" We whats the point of a Savings catcher if you can never save to use it for or when you want???

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Savings Catcher Mobile Application.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have used self-check and if I use my Savings Catcher app, it automatically takes any balance and applies it. I do not get an option to not apply it.

Therefore, I believe the cashier's do not have that option either. This option was removed at the same time that the ability to scan receipts was removed.


I think that Wal-Mart should give a $100 Wal-Mart gift card to every thousandth customer.

@You Pay Ten Dollar I No Tell You Had Visitor

With my luck, I'd go to spend it and find out that hackers had stolen all the money already.


It a shame the they ruined the savings catcher for people who pay by cash. None of my receipts register anymore since oct.


Yes, shame on Walmart for having such a program that causes nothing but problems. Losing them big money that could be passed along.


Hey dingbat. There is no savings catcher button for cashiers to press.

If you don't want the savings catcher funds used then go into the walmart app and shut it off like a normal person.

Maybe you need to buy a different brand of tinfoil for your hat. Or maybe, heaven forbid, read instead of assuming everyone is out to get you lol!


Lol, Hay Dingbat! DERP, You are a F'n idiot!

There is a prompt that the cashier gets when you scan your savings catcher QR code (if you even have any idea of what a QR code is) and log into Walmart's saving catcher. So just the fact your response was "to turn your saving catcher app OFF" tells me your are about the dumbest person on the internet. YES, You have to open your savings catcher app and scan the QR code so your receipt is registered into your account and you can submitted it for your "saving catcher" SAVINGS! I have an idea DERP, Look up how to use your "saving catcher app" anywhere on YouTube because you clearly have no idea how the app works!

They DO have the option of not using savings catcher 's credit or using the Saving catcher's credits when closing out the payment. Walmart has taught the cashiers to use customers "Savings catcher" credits every time! So, if you think, I think everyone is out to get me! Lol!

Ask the Walmart cashiers if they get a prompt when you scan in your Savings catcher account. Or infact do it yourself!

Goto self check go thru the Savings catcher process when you goto to cash out you will see it for yourself and the different options. There is cash, gift card, cedit/debit and guess what SAVINGS CATCHER!


There is not a spot for cashiers. It's for customers you anonymous idiot.

Hence the q code. Why don't you read up on the program you are trying to use?

Maybe because it is too much for little old you to comprehend. Continue living your stupid tinfoil wearing life.


It should be a law that people with bigger shoes sizes then there IQs should not post. PLEASE do the world a favor and unplug from the internet!


i found this useful, there is a pay option in the app that turns that feature off.


Today, i went to Walmart and performed a test. At the check out I asked the cashier NOT to push the "saving catcher" but just the credit/debit.

A guess what? Nothing was taken from my "Savings catcher" account! And I was able to submit my receipt with No problems.

Looks like Walmart is scamming its customers out of their SAVINGS and not allowing its customers to build up the savings they are owned by Walmarts own app or advertising! Shame on Walmart!