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My wife and I went to our local Walmart store one morning last week. After dropping her off, I circled the parking lot to go and wait for her.

It was raining and very windy that day. I noticed some loose carts on the lot and was making sure I did not hit any of them when another cart was blown right in front of my truck. I struck it on the driver side front bumper. There was no damage to the cart but it had dented my bumper.

I went in and reported it the the manager who took my statement and then went out and took some pictures. She then wanted to take some pictures of the cart. My wife and I drove over to where the cart was and as the manager of the store approached, the cart started to roll away. I had to stop it twice so she could take her picture.

She commented that the cart rolling was not good and she herself took 2 loose carts back to the store. I got a notice in the mail that Walmart was not responsible for this accident.

If the people who collect the carts had been doing their job more thoroughly, this quite possibly would not have happened. I feel this is a case of negligence and that Walmart should take responsibility for this incident.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $399.

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Do you know the Insurance company Walmart uses for parking lot damage-rwpawkett55@hotmail.com


Walmart is not responsible because cart pushers are not allowed to go outside during severe weather because it is a safety hazard and can result in the injury and in some extreme cases the death of said workers do anything that happens during that kind of weather is not their fault since they can't even go out and work in those conditions


People. That incident took place 3 years ago.

It is finished. Let it go.


I am a cart pusher/ cashier it is harder than it looks. Half the time your out there by yourself.

Cart pushers must do a lot of things. We have a walky talky on us telling us a million things and most of the time we are not outside cause we get called in for carryouts to help people.

You go out there for hours trying to push 20 carts at a time then trying to run after run away carts while making sure inside is stocked on carts And making sure u make it inside in time to help someone in a carry out by urself. Also if there is any lightning and thunder or it's just to crazy we are not aloud out in the weather for are safety.


How do you know they did not just collect the carts? How do they know you did not deliberately wreck your car because you already had scratches on it and wanted to make more and have them pay the whole thing?

They are not responsible.


The cart pusher isn't responsible they do a lot more than just collect carts. They do floor sweeps pick up trash clean bathrooms the break room offices and clean spills so in order for them to get their jobs done they cant be outside constantly and most walmarts are two cheap to have 2 working at the same time which is a problem especially at lunch time.

But if you want to blame someone blame the customers their the ones not putting the carts away. WalMart didn't set the carts there.


when cart on lot are not put in outside cart rail then lazy customer before you who you should blame who to good put it in outside cart rail if weather bad you sol sorry no one stuff worth get hit by lighting you on your own.


Here is a news flash. This incident happened a year ago.

I talked to Walmart twice and then got it fixed through my insurance agency. It is over and done. To the person that said sorry that it happened, thank you. Believe it or not, this Walmart did not have a not responsible sign until after another person had the same thing happen to them.

To the person who goes by hate *** people. You must really hate yourself because only ignorant and *** people use profanity when trying to make a point.

That is for the very reason I really don't care what you think or say. Please don't stand too close to others so your stupidity doesn't rub off of you onto them.


You are lucky you did not get arrested for stealing your parent car, obviously with a comment like that you are six years old. you are a hypocrite. You must be ignorant yourself because obviously you used profanity and were censored for it.


In almost all store parking lots there are signs stating that damage in lots is not a store liability. Some even state clearly that this includes damage from carts. I know our walmart has that sign.


Its called slow down *** wipe. If you were going that fast to dent your truck your a ***.


I am sorry but didn't you first say that you dropped your wife off and then went to park the truck and wait for her? So when did you follow these cart pushers out into the parking lot?

Would it have been before or after you went to get the manager? I have to ask, who gets hit by a cart and breaks their arm or leg? A little silly. You are grasping for straws here because no one is defending your case.

If you were a company that had cart pushers and bad weather would you want to be liable for anything happening to them because they slipped and fell or got hit by lightning (yes, it can happen) or got hit by another car because they weren't paying attention? Like someone else said, that is why you have insurance. Stop crying and get over it.

Life is what it is. You just wanted Wal-mart to cover your damage so you wouldn't have a claim on your insurance and have a possible increase in your premiums.


cart pushers are not responsibe for carts when its storming, they are to be inside. you took the chance by parking by parking near it anyways. walmart is not responsible.


That is what you have insurance for. No store will take responsibility for what happens to your car in their lot. As someone said, if customers would put the carts where they go, you included, then your car would not get hit.


maabye if people would not leave there carts random places and put them in the areas where the carts are supposed to go it wouldnt of hit your car.


We appealed out complaint but to no avail. We got tired of Walmart's runaround and just turned it in the the insurance company.

They had me go to a repair shop of my choice and it was taken care of within an hour. Some of these comments I received didn't make too much sense. Something about cart collectors not allowed to go out in bad weather and things like that. I have seen the guys go out in all kinds of weather and collect the carts.

They are given the appropriate clothing to wear in in climate weather.

We were told by the insurance company that since the accident occurred on private property, the store is not responsible. It doesn't make any sense to me but it is over now and forgotten.


So its Walmart fault that the lazy costumer couldn't walk ten feet to return them to the proper location? I'm sorry, but the cart pushers appear to have the hardest jobs at the company.

Not only do they do their best to collect carts in all weather types, when customers are like children who do not know how to put them back correctly but they have other assignments as well. You are just ridiculous! How fast was this cart traveling anyways? It sounds like the cart was traveling at an alarmingly slow rate and something else, i.e.

you're vehicle was treating the parking lot like a speed way. You deserved it.


actually, carts that are left everywhere are typically the fault of the customers that are too lazy to put them back. even though I agree that the cart pushers take a while to gather the carts, it's your fault for driving around the parking lot instead of just parking.


When I aid bad weather, I did not mean a tornado or hurricane or thunderstorm. It was raining with wind.

The cart pushers were doing nothing. They were drinking coffee and standing around talking. I followed them outside and watched them start collecting the carts. In the rain, with their rain gear on and their reflective vests.

I understand about the lazy people not putting their carts away properly but when you operate a large chain like Walmart, you need to take precautions and keep your store, including the parking lot, safe as you can possibly can. What you are saying is that if you were walking into the store, and you got run over by a cart and broke your arm or leg, that you would just say, Oh well, Walmart isn't responsible.

And I am to believe that? Right.


What do you want them to do?? Go out and get killed by the storm because some lazy butt didn't want to put their cart into the corral??