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Walmart over charging on jerky.

Clearly marked $2.86, charging $3.98 at cash register. Noticed it today 5-19-2018.

Have reciept dated 5-14-2018 were i was over charged. Happened more than twice . Been coming to this walmart for 2 months while working in Dallas, TX.

Have pictures and video of it. Plus worker putting wrong price bar code tag on product in question.

I walked out, because clerk, one in photo, didnt want to wait for manager to arrive.

Tried to send me back to customer service and get totally rechecked out.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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How did u know she put the tag in the wrong spot? The pic doesn’t show a thing and btw I hope someone beat the pans off you for taking an UNAUTHORIZED pic of their family member, I hope to god no one does that to my mom because they will wish they hadn’t.


There is nothing pictured on that rack that is even reasonably healthy ; on the contrary, I see nothing but high sodium, fat, and preservatives. You'd be better off to ignore that junk altogether and find something to eat that won't poison you.


if I have to go to a cashier, I check each item as it is scanned and comes up on the little screen to make sure the price is correct. I also double check the receipt before I leave the store, it’s only common sense to do that.

The majority of the time, I am actually using the self check out and also check prices. I do not live in Texas but still check everything

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