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Walmart over charging on jerky.

Clearly marked $2.86, charging $3.98 at cash register. Noticed it today 5-19-2018.

Have reciept dated 5-14-2018 were i was over charged. Happened more than twice . Been coming to this walmart for 2 months while working in Dallas, TX.

Have pictures and video of it. Plus worker putting wrong price bar code tag on product in question.

I walked out, because clerk, one in photo, didnt want to wait for manager to arrive.

Tried to send me back to customer service and get totally rechecked out.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Consumer. Com should monitor these comments and delete or ban trolls.


No trolling here, just stating the truth. If anyone should be banned it should be the OP for lying and saying someone works for a company simply for being told that they are wrong.


How did u know she put the tag in the wrong spot? The pic doesn’t show a thing and btw I hope someone beat the pans off you for taking an UNAUTHORIZED pic of their family member, I hope to god no one does that to my mom because they will wish they hadn’t.


Sigh just someone trying to get something cheaper than what it is displayed at. If you look closely you would see that the correct price is $3.98 They cannot afford that price so they ASSume that it cost less.


Video shows her pulling lower price tags and placing higher prices on products. Troll comments from Walmart scammers who split the money.


That is because the price went up you fool. Obviously there was a promotion and the promotion ended.

They do this so idiots like you and the OP do not try to get it for $2.98 when the price went up.

The $2.98 is a weekly promotion. How thick are you to not realize that this is going on.


It's self evident you want follow the price swapping. Another troll Walmart worker I over paid for 2 months b4 I saw it was higher on receipt. Still have receipts to prove it.


Mommy needs to give you a good slap across the face for lying and ASSuming that I am trolling and a Walmart worker. You foolish child just because someone tells you that you are wrong does not mean that they are trolling or work for the company.

Seriously grow up and stop lying about people. Mommy obviously did not raise your right. It is obvious that they are raising the price. If you cannot afford to pay that price then ask your parents to borrow money.

Maybe you can do chores around the house little one. While you are at it liar Have mommy click on my username. You will see many different comments to different companies. Does that mean that I work for all those companies.

Think before you post you fool. If you lied about me trolling and working for Walmart I wonder what other lies you are telling? I don't blame you though for lying and making ASSumptions. Obviously mommy did not raise you right.

It is not your fault that you have to lie and make ASSumptions. Now I can be like you and ASSume that you posted this complaint because you were fired or caught shoplifting, but unlike you I don't make ASSumptions. I feel bad for you. Obviously you mommy does not love you enough to teach you right from wrong.

Grow up child. Mommy needs to give you a good slap across the face and whooping and make you apologize for lying


That's why your anonymous. Your pants were beat off and you deserved it.

Pictures prove it. Walmart troll.


Why do people think that when someone tells the OP off they are either trolls or employees for the company. Grow up.


I may add your posts are also anonymous.


Thank You for putting that person in their place.


THey are not putting that person in their place. Just making the silly assumption that someone is a troll or works for the company simply for telling the OP that they are wrong.


There is nothing pictured on that rack that is even reasonably healthy ; on the contrary, I see nothing but high sodium, fat, and preservatives. You'd be better off to ignore that junk altogether and find something to eat that won't poison you.


if I have to go to a cashier, I check each item as it is scanned and comes up on the little screen to make sure the price is correct. I also double check the receipt before I leave the store, it’s only common sense to do that.

The majority of the time, I am actually using the self check out and also check prices. I do not live in Texas but still check everything


It is also a trust thing. You trust them to have the price advertised.