Indianapolis, Indiana

I paid for a t.v. and they gave me a card and said register it online.

NOW THE SITE IS DOWN WTF walmart. How am I supposed to get my product and Where is the guarantee I was assured about when I purchased the T.V.

I am very dissapointed and am tired of companies promising things, we pay through the nose ofr stuff and then this. And all they can say is I dont know let me check wth a supervisor and they can't even give me an answer.

WALMART you are too big for your own good.

When you don't care about the consumer anymore it is time to leave. Save money.

and Live better. whatever!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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The guarantee is still there. I work for the company and have had to answer many questions.

The card you received is basically a gift card. They should have charged you the sale price of the TV, PLUS sales tax. So that when you go online to register and order the product, the balance after sales tax is what was loaded onto the card. The guarantee, if you got the card, is that if you register and order the product by midnight Sunday, you will get the item at the sale price advertised.

If you do not or cannot order by that time, the card will basically turn into a regular Walmart gift card, with that same amount loaded onto it. As far as I know, the guarantee was the sale price on the item and if you ordered by Sunday, you would receive the product.

It was a disaster at my local store as well, as I was in charge of the IPads. The process was confusing for employees as well as every customer.


I sooo dislike Walmart . Problems with registering card .

Tried get my money back after four phone calls, three visits to the store , three custimer service girls, spoke with three managers and they still will not give me my money back that I paid cash for until the ipad ships to the store 5-10 days. Nice going tying up my money of $434.00. No where on My receipt does it say I cannot get a refund . So basically i don't have the product and i don't have my money .

This is a terrible way to do business . Scam scam scam

@Not good

There is no scam involved. You paid cash for an IPad...if you ordered it online then yes, you will have to wait until the item comes in before they will give you that much cash back. You can get a refund if you take the original receipt to the store with your Guarantee card, but if you've already ordered the item you can't.