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Here are the details of my site-to-store purchases:

My first site to store order was purchased on 11/27. it arrived at the store on 12/3. I also made another purchase on 12/3 and that arrived at the store in the same week. if a person does not pick up their items in 2 weeks (which I was unable to do), the order is cancelled by walmart (although they claim that they "can't cancel orders") and a refund is issued 5 days after (this is also what walmart claims). I received a refund for the 2nd site to store item (this is the purchase that was made on 12/3 and the refund was issued by the site, not the local store), but I still have not received a refund for the first site to store item (purchased 11/27). although the site issued me a refund for the 2nd item, they are now claiming that they “can’t issue refunds for site to store purchases". huh? that's obviously a lie. they also claim that only my local walmart store can only issue refunds for site to store purchases (but the store says they can only issue refunds for in-store purchases).

so not only is what walmart saying a lie, but it is also a contradiction. how could they have issued me a refund for the 2nd site to store item, but then claim they "can't" issue refunds for the same type of purchase (my first item)? did they just recently change their refund policy?

So as of today (12/26), it is now 10 days since the "5 day refund" period and I still have not been given a refund (for my first purchase). it seems that they are not allowing me a refund; they are keeping my money for their claim "we don't issue refunds; that has to be done by the local store where the order was sent to”.

I called my local walmart store and asked to speak to the manager about this, but he was "unavailable" (isn't he always?). so the employee I spoke with said they could "help" me. I told the person what told me in their emails and the person told me that "we do not issue refunds for site to store purchases. only the walmart site can issue a refund since it is a site to store purchase, not an in-store purchase". so they are re-directing me to their site. each time replies to my email, they keep giving me lame excuses such as "we can't issue refunds for items bought through site to store", which I know is a lie since they did issue me a refund for my 2nd item (but still not yet for my first item). can I do anything to fight this? can walmart be reported to consumer affairs or be sued? or is walmart such a huge corporation that they just cannot be fought and I will never receive a refund?

I am sick and tired of walmart's lame excuses and lies. even on their site, they say: “Walmart is committed to providing you superior customer service and a pleasant shopping experience”.

Of course, walmart's words are just a lie. so “superior customer service” means lying. because IF they actually were to provide me with “superior service”, they would issue me my now-LATE refund, not screw with me.

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i think the refund is done by the website automatically sand just shows up at the store to process. i went through the same thing at Home Depot.

if it's still marked as "not picked up" after the waiting period the website automatically prompts the store system to refund. it's confusing and ***.