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Went to Walmart's seafood section to get fish to grill only to find every package of seafood is from China, Tiawan, or Vietnam.Living on the Gulf Coast you expect to see fresh from the USA.

In all fairness to Walmart they did have a very tiny section of USA seafood at one time, but cold not find it on this visit.I took photos of the cooler containing only imported seafood and close ups of the countries of origin to enlighten friends and family of this sad ordeal.

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Sanford, Maine, United States #1200431

im a chinese person and this offends me i work at the walmart fish company in china i get paid 2000 dollars a hour

Springdale, Arkansas, United States #1195986

Honey, most of what is sold at WM nowadays comes from crazy communist China.It comes cheap that way.

Since Sam Walton died all Walmart has become about is making money at the expense of others.You will have to pay a bit more and shop locally if you want fresh local seafood.


Well you shop at WalMart, did you really expect fresh local seafood? You can't have it all, cheap isn't good, good isn't cheap


Um if you want American caught fresh seafood you are gonna have to go to a better store.if you want walmart prices then you're gonna get stuff that is imported CHEAPLY.

plain and simple. 1/3 of walmarts FULL TIME employees are on government assistance cause they don't pay a living wage. how do you think walmart keeps their prices so low? magic?

no they screw hard working americans.

so if you want fresh american caught seafood either go and catch it yourself or be willing to pay more at a place like Whole Foods or Trader Joes.Shopping at Walmart does not help the american economy, it hurts it.

to Anonymous #1131270

You are an ***. Every retailer has employees on welfare.

to LadyScot #1131313

You aren't very smart, are you.Aren't you the whiner who complained about name calling here?

What a hypocrite you are! Do you drink before you post here? It would not surprise me!

And no sweetheart, not every retailer has employees on welfare.Geez lady, get some help!


It's no different than going to any grocery store to buy fresh vegetables and it's from California, etc instead of from the local farmers.

Long Beach, California, United States #902635

If u expect fresh go fishing on your own u ***

to Anonymous #1082251

What I was going to say, you want fresh seafood go fishing.


I look at all the labels of the food we buy.I buy only American.

You can get wild caught Alaskan salmon, and in Whole Foods, you can get fish from several states in this country. I try not to buy farmed fish until I know just how clean their practices on fish farming are.

Some companies say they catch their fish in the Pacific and then have it processed and packaged in China, but who can trust China to get anything right?After all, they killed babies in China with poisoned formula.

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