Searcy, Arkansas
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While waiting with three other customers at the deli for 15 minutes (only one male was serving) a female employee appears started to clean the cutting machine to shave meat for a customer...this employee painfully proceeds at a snails space to wipe the machine down for over 10 minutes. Her attitude was i dont give a dam that we have been now waitng over 20 minutes.

There were four female employees ten feet away at the hot food serving one customer. I left in disgust this employee/amounst others should be trained.

WHERE are the department managers/supervisors on a busy Friday lunchtime...DONT THEY CARE!!! Last time i stand at this deli.

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To the comment made about explaining to your child , about someone physical appearance. This would of been a good learning experience to share with your family about special needs people.

I find your fear towards the disable community filled with ignorance and prejudice.

I don't work in Walmart and to say the Employees are walking Zombies is uncalled for. Obviously you don't understand the dynamics of retail.


So, let me get this situation straight over here. This customer was upset due to the slow movement of the disable employee?

I find disgusted the statement made that all disable people should be banish from society. Wow, who died and make you Queen? The only person who is afficted from a spirit of ignorance and hate is you.

May God have mercy on your hateful soul. What a spoil , pompous ***.


You should be ashamed of yourself! You are the one that is a waste of space, not them.

Just like you were born an inconsiderate, ***...most of them were born that way. Besides, your children and husband could do with LESS time around you.


Barbarawhite, I feel bad that your kids have to be exposed to you.


I hope one day you will fully understand what they are going through and guess what you *** *** karma will come back to *** your ignorant *** soon! and I pity your kids for having you as a mother grow up and get educated!

Some cripples work more harder than people like you, You should be taking notes from the way you talk you sound like a Spoiled little Brat!


I disagree I work in a store where we have a disabled employee and she does her job to the best that can be done, and this goes to the *** saying all Walmart employees are like Zombies and can't tie their shoes not everybody is like that I don't look like a Zombie and I can tie my shoes!


disabled/handicapped people have just as much rights as normal functioning people. how can you sit there and say disabled people are a waste of human race?

I hope one day you are a parent of a disabled kid or you become disabled yourself. Then we'll see what you have to say regarding disabled people.


I was the one working behind the counter, and thought your face looked like cottage cheese so I ignored you :p


I can tie my shoes in the morning thank you very much. I understand that there are some Walmart employees that are not too bright. But not all of us are like that.

John N

Another satisfied Walmart customer!!! Look at the people Walmart hires.

What did you expect?? These people are not rocket scientists. They have trouble tying their shoes in the morning, let alone doing a good job in retail.

Shop at another store, even if you pay a bit more. It is not worth the trouble going to a Walmart!!!