Los Angeles, California

For the fourth time in recent months there has been a violent attack in a Walmart in LA., I on July 1, 2011; was beaten by a Kung-Fu ex-Walmart associate, known braggar of violence, on August 2011; police went too a Walmart store too deal with someone making threats with a knife shoot fired. On November 3, 2011; 74 year old David Oakleaf beaten too death with a baseball and on Black Friday 2011; a woman sprayed up all the shoppers with mace or pepper spray.

I was advised after my attack that security would be much improved for this holiday and then this. However, I am concerned if their security is being mainly trained in theft prevention and little concern for the safety of the shoppers.

Because,its beyind me how this woman could spray innocent shopper and escape security and get away . I would have more compassion if this violence was occurring in more retail stores than just Walmarts.

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Maybe it was a ex walmart employee tired of you crazy peoples ***. Think about that next time you get in some ones face




This is probaly long overdued cheap products and services. :sigh

gregory N

I believe that the police has a simple policy. They allow Wal Mart too handle it own affairs unless the police is called because someone has got caught stealing...when I am disable person who was knocked out or beaten while very ill recently.

I waited for 911 and that became a nightmare, I suggested that the officer go speak too winesses too reserve the record. He went, and they told him but he was trying too explain why all the state needed was my word and I did not trust that because they had already allowed this person too get away without an arrest because 911 is a joke

gregory N

we are the 99%


It ashame too read the New York News On-Line and see how 42% shoppers state that they will not be shopping at Walmart this holiday dued too on going violent.

gregory N

Near Mukegon, Michigan we have just learned in the Long Beach Press Telegram, that a teenager in that location was knocked down and tackled. Fortunately, it was not as deadly as Walmart 2008 Black Friday.

My question and concern is why Walmart is having all this violent at its stores within a short period or window. When other retailers are not having the same problems as Walmart in times of Occupy America 99%. In other words, why do other retail safety security system working both ways too protect the store and the shoppers and Walmarts security system is not deterring violence towards its shoppers like other retails store is doing and has been doing.

I suspect Walmart just want cheap services all a round the table and the table is falling in. :?

gregory N

bsadvisory and satan who are you two the advisory for Walmart, because you guys sure seem too keep up with people who have a complaint with Walmart. Personally, I am not crying for attention.

I have an excellent Attorney Rodney Mesriani and he is no joke and I hope who ever you are, that you know this site it not designed too lose focus of the issue and or make baseless comments, Afterall, you have not investigated if you want the police report number I can provide that its 1142765; and 111162950 and yes it was filed when it occurred at the Walmart Store.

I have a legal right too complaint as long as my doctor deem therapy. :)

gregory N

When, I first reported this crime too Walmart the first thing that I was asked was the color of my clothes and the date and time they know.

gregory N

bdadvisory you and Satan are fakes and phonies. I only comment under one name.

Furthermore, Satan who are you with a name like that and who cares what you think anyhow? I will continue too post mt concerns in serious forum for serious people and not MOLES like yourself. This is why Walmart is getting so bad.

People like yourself being involved. Check out the news see whats really going on instead of mouthing blindly about others concerns.

gregory N

its amazing how on this forum negative energy hangs around attempting too discredit complaint against Walmart , believe me its people that turn on the news in S. Cal and see this is true prior too making themselves sound like a fool.

Plus, my Family, Friends Attorney and Doctor care, :) these problems do not happen at other retails Sears, Kmart or Targets. What makes Walmart so poor cheap concerns.

gregory N

As I stated for the the fourth time in recent months. I have a concern too keep people updated concerning whats going on in my area Walmarts without Walmart band wagon attempting too belittle others story without investigating.

Its a crime too just lie and its true security suppose to watch and report but during none of these incident did Walmart sercurity served public interest and that is a concern.

This problem is unheard at other retail store. so what is Walmart going wrong.


Wait..now you're commenting on your own threads under another screen-name? I think Kung-Fu Man hit you a little too hard in the head.

Oh,and please learn how to spell. Thanks.


Give it a rest a$$wipe. How many times are planning on posting this BS?

NOBODY CARES!!! You've beaten it to death.

gregory N

I am lost security should be able too watch and control. I can not understand why Walmart concern is lacking.