Johnston, Rhode Island
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Went through checkout and paid for my fruits. One of the fruits rang up higher than what i was expecting so I asked the cashier to ring up 2 bags of oranges instead of one.

The cashier gave me permission to just grab an extra one on the way out of the door. Then as i leave the store, im stopped by security outside of the store who rudely and upruppedly stopped me and would not even look at my reciept and would not peak to te cashier who gave me permision. Te security guard just continued to embarrass me in front of everyone accusing me of stealing. I am so overly embarrassed, i siince then have not returned to the store.

I have also been hearing horrible stories from people i know who have hadsimilar experiences and are beginming to feel uncomfortable to even shop there as well. It is not the consumers fault if walmart is under staffed and ask the consumer yo do THEIR JOB then unnecessarily and distespectful get scorned for it. It is not the consumers fault for having employyees who do not do the jobs successfly. It is not the consumers fault for lazy walmart employees.

I HAVE HAD ENOUGH AND STILL WILL NEER GO BACK!!!! Soon Im sure those i know who have had unpkeasant experiences will also do the same. This company who use yo be a respectable organization has turned intk a greedy, blameful, and careless,and direspectful organization to oters who have also put other organization who actually had pride in their name and products!!!

What a disvrace this walmart company has bevome and tbis mobster is getting worse. I hope you go out of business!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Security Guard.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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