Grand Junction, Colorado

For many years I suffered from agoraphobia. Been trying to overcome this issue and loved self checkout until, this last Friday. As I scanned my items and bagged them I thought everything was fine.

Upon departure I was stopped by police and loss prevent accused of theft. I proved my purchases. Some of the items I believed I had paid for weren't on my receipt. Defamation of character, embarrassment, anxiety and stress. I want to sue them.Mot sure where to shop but walmart never again.

Racheal DaRonche

Reason of review: Using drug addicts for loss prevention staff.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: I am contacting a lawyer..

Walmart Cons: Staff and transaction.

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What ever ended up happening in your case???


I proved my case with video. All self checkouts have cameras thank GOD.

Hence No Charges, just utter embarrassment walking out the door. When the Camera sees every item going across the scanner and hears it registering and watches it go into the bag and it doesn't alert unknown item in the bag. CASE PROVEN!!!!



I'm curious how you proved your purchases if they weren't on your receipt? That sounds like a contradiction to me, since your receipt is your proof of purchase.

If they weren't on your receipt because you didn't pay for them, then whether it was a mistake or not, you ultimately stole them because you left the store with merchandise you did not pay for. I can understand being embarrassed that you were caught with unpaid merchandise, but this is not defamation of character of it was true.


You "forgot" to scam items, meaning you stole from them you cannot take them to court. I have a feeling that this is not the first time you "forgot" to scam an item.

It first started with you "forgetting" one item. You got away with it, then you tried "forgetting" two items. Then three, four, until they finally realized that you were not forgetting to scan the items, but "forgetting" to scan the items. They would not catch you unless you have a history of "forgetting" to scan items.

Catch my drift. Most people when they realize they forgot to scan an item are honest and return the item or tell them.

People who "forget" to scan the items do not. Also I have had no problem with the self scanner, if the issue is that you keep "forgetting" to scan items than you should not be using the self checkouts because it is you not the self checkouts that are faulty.


I don't use them anymore. Because they are fault.

That was an admittance by their own cashier. It had been a 3 month ongoing problem.

3 weeks later all Self checkout registers were closed for maintenance and repair. But because of this 1 time issue I refuse to use a self checkout any where.