Mobile, Alabama
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I was blackmailed i accidentally didnt scan 3 items at self checkout that totaled less than 20$ when they told me what id done i offered to pay To which they replied if i didnt say i done it on purpose i would be arrested and it would cost me hundreds to prove i was innocent or if i would say it was done on purpose and give them my social security number and id that i could go i agreed with them because i didnt want to go to jail and i ask them can i still get my things i needed them they said yea but i didnt have to that theu were at customer service so i told them i need thise things it was a mistake went and paid for my items and left

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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You are a thief and you know it. At least admit you screwed up and got caught. I expect this is not the first time and probably not the last.


How does one accidently not pay for item's?You thought you were getting away with Stealing from Walmart.They should have taken you to Jail for Theft and Then you would stop with the BS OK.You really have a lot of Nerve's to even post on this site.After all you did the theft and You are trying to place blame on Walmart WTF is wrong with you?Other than a Theft.


I am sure this is not the first time you "forgot" to pay for more than one item. I am also sure that if later on you found out that you "forgot" to pay for the three items you would not be returning the products later to pay for them.

This is your mistake. Next time be careful.

Have an adult shop with you to make sure you scan all the items. The only way security would be on you is if they watched you before and you have a history of "forgetting" to pay for your items.


Why am I not believing this?


Because when most thieves get caught stealing they claim they "forgot" to pay for the item. This could be true I can understand it it were a $5 difference or one items, but I bet this person "forgot" to tell us that this is not the first time she has "forgotten" to pay for items.

The cashiers were probably watching her previously and she previously "forgot" to pay for the items. They alerted security and here again she "forgot" to pay for three items and she was caught. That is the real reason she was angry. One woman even used the excuse she "forgot" to pay for her items because she was shopping with a toddler.

Lots of parents shop with young children.

She was just using her child as an excuse to get let off of stealing. Since her child was with her several times when she "forgot" to pay for the items they should take that child away from her since she is using her child as an accessory to theft.