Nampa, Idaho
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The self check out machines are terrible you scan stuff put it in a bag 9 times outta 10 it doesnt weigh right and when you think it scans it doesnt i watch a woman get embarrassed today by them she scanned items and the lady watched her said it scanned she got yelled at going threw the first door she was detained over 2 items not scanned such a crock of *** i thought they were suppose to get out the door first and then to yell at her in front of everyone well im older im done shopping there and changing to walgreens script place i dont want this to happen to me...sad thing is the cameras prob show them but does it show everything the woman talking to them...they harrassed that poor girl

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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what censors. they let your barnyard comments in here. i'll bet micheal jackson was your idle.

Somehow the site does not allow you to write the word stup1d without it being filtered.




Customers tend to use the excuse that " they thought it scanned" ever since the self checkouts were put into use. They seem to think its an easy way to steal.

Yes the cashier maybe busy with another customer but still, there are high def. Cameras right over each register that are being continuously monitored. When an item is scanned, the register not only beeps but also shows on the screen everything that has been scanned. It's very simple really as long as you can hear and see.

If items aren't scanning even though You've run them over the scanner then you call for help. You don't just throw it in a bag and leave. That is stealing and they have every right to stop you.

No they don't have to wait for you to get out the door. I know that's what you were hoping for.


People use that excuse all the time, some even blame their children by claiming the child distracted them. The truth is they are purposely forgetting to scan items and anyone that uses the excuse that they were distracted by a child should have that child put in a foster home for using that child as an accessory.