Sulphur, Oklahoma

A few weeks ago, my friend and I went to the Ardmore, OK Walmart. We had only gotten a few things so we figured we could get out of there somewhat quickly.

Well we get to the checkout and there's TONS of people waiting, a lot of said people that were buying a cart full of items. My friend and I went to the self checkout since it usually is a bit faster. There was a bunch of people waiting there too. Well, we spotted one that was open and empty so we figured we'll use it.

Now, usually if you see a self checkout that's open/empty you go to it right? Wrong! Not here anyway. Out of nowhere a worker, who I guess worked the self checkout area, rudely walks up to us.

I guess she thought we were "disrespectful teenagers" but that's not the case, we're both young adults(I'm 19 and my friend is 21). She in a very rude and snippety tone tells us(exact words) "Uh, you need to wait in line like everyone else." Both of us tell her, nicely, that we didn't know you had to wait in line at the self checkout if there's one empty. She again rudely says "well you need to get in the back of the line now." No apology, no nicely asking us to wait in line, she didn't even offer to tell us where a shorter line was.

The people in that line stared at us like we had done nothing wrong. We went to a different, somewhat shorter line and the guy at it was much, much nicer.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If the self check girl was rude, witch sounds like she wasn't. is probally cause she had to deal with multiple *** people like you. Just cause she told you to get back to end of line, doesnt mean shes rude, just means shes not gonna kiss one customers *** and have to deal with a line of pissed of customers who just got cut in front of.


Oh come on. Everyone knows Walmart employees are rude. Where the helll have you been?


Honey, I have news for you 19 is still a teenager and most 21 year olds act a lot younger than that.


You even said there were a lot of people waiting in the self check area. What did you think they were waiting for?

Concert tickets? If there was an empty self check, the NEXT IN LINE would have gone to it, not someone who just walked up. You do sound like a disrespectful teenager to me, thinking you could just disregard the line and jump on the self check just because you were faster than the person who was next. What did you want the cashier to apologize for?

She corrected your error. YOU should have apologized to HER and everyone else you tried to cheat.