I went to walmart in countryside,IL. and purchased a moneycard debit card.

that night when i got home and tried to activate the card i was told by a support person ( you know the one, they cannot speak any english) that they are having a problem with one of there systems would i please call back in 1 hour and it should be fine then. 2 hours pass, i call back and i'm connected again to someone who cannot speak english (just barely) again i'm told of a problem with some system of theres and would i call back in 2 hours that the problem will be corrected by then. It's now the following day and i'm still being told that there is something wrong with one of the systems and would i try again in an hour or two. No i can't.

Walmart i beleave is scamming its customers. I put 50 dollars on a moneycard that i am unable to use, however walmart gets to use my 50 bucks right now.

lets say that walmart does this to 5000 people, that would be a whopping 250,000 dollars that they can sit on while the "system is being repaired in 2 hours" its a nice way to make free money off the public tying up there money for a couple of days and make lots of intrest off of it at the same time, nice scam. And the clincher is that walmart will not return my 50 bucks ,i'm told that when the systems return to normal that i can close out the account if i wish

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Tasha and lol Tasha - exactly what color is the crack you is on?


Dear Anonymous (Daniel Swede) - The attack dogs of pissedconsumer.com are out and they are circling in a pack mentality. They cannot dispute your complaint, so they try attacking from another angle.

I have actually seem them attack 70 something vets, so this one is mundane in comparison.

While I have no helpful advice for you since I have never experienced this problem, I can certainly tell you that you will NEVER get help on this site. To say that your complaint will be ridiculed here is the grossest understatement of 2011. Your prespective is an interesting one, and if you believe that this is happening, perhaps you could contact some authority in your state. In any event, good luck in resolving your problem.

And pissed guys - who let the dogs out? Don't you know this is Thanksgiving Day. Let me start.

I am thankful I don't know anyone of you. Amen


I do not know about the English aspect. What I do know is I bought a "Green Dot" card and could not activate it, paid cash, went back to the store could not get a refund, then waited 10 days for a check in the mail.

The Walmart staff were really great and told me this is a major problem. Lay off the racial stuff, and concentrate on helping others.


I've used Wal-Mart prepaid cards all of last year driving over the road as a CDL driver. I used the cards for gas,money and food.The money always was posted in a matter of minutes.

You obviously don't know what you're doing and want to vent on here. Nobody believes you and especially in this day of prepaid debit cards used for people who have no bank accounts,you might need to try again with your complaining.

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