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Hi Folks,

Be very careful shopping at Walmart these days. Walmart memphis store at Winchester road is selling expired items. Many consumers who dont look at labels are buying it. There is expired Tropicana juice at shelves for last 5 days. When i pointed this out to the manager..she told me that they don,t know why they are selling expired juice. Without a reasonable explanation this is probably their official policy....

There is also another thing that is only unique to Walmart. The price they advertise is usually different from the price they charge you on the cash register. In other word they are clearly doing price cheating with innocent customers..who dont even bother looking at reciept. I bought 88 cents/lb tomatoes adn i was charged 2.48$/lbs. When you question their incompetency they become very rude. This happens every few weeks adn is a recurrent phenomenon therefore one can assume that this is how Walmart makes profit.


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cliffhanger, you sound like you have a lot of sand in your ***, I hope you drink lots of expired juice and have the runs for weeks, then I hope your cat dies.


Cliffhanger. I would recommend checking the date on any perishable item before you buy it.

This should help you solve your problem. Glad to help out.


Pat stay out of this discussion. Why should I have to check the expiry date on the boxes you ***.

I already stated that I should not have to. I am a registered nurse. I work ten hours a day. They should have given me a gift card because of this expiry date issue.

I don't have time to check the expiry date, maybe for someone like you who lives under their parents roof you have time to check the expiry date.

I don't. Why don't you shut up.


Always check the dates all stores do this it is too much for the couple of employees in the department to keep up with


Shut up Charlie. I did not ask for your opinion.

If you read my letter you would know that this store sucks. I don't really care about the expiry date of the food or anything else. I am more angered by their rudeness. Those losers have the nerve to call me rude.

The manager even kicked me out of the store once because I threatened to hit a child who was crying and in my way.

You are an *** and a loser Charlie. Also you are *** and do not know how to read.


Well I usually check the expiry date before purchasing a product. Wal-mart is not the only store that I have notice does this.


The review is 100% correct. Not sure how someone posted a comment with my ID.There must be some hacking go out.This site may not be secure!. The above comment on intial complaint is not posted by the same person.


They are not selling expired food. I was mad when I wrote this letter because they fired me that day.

Wanted to get the manager in trouble and make him look bad. This was just my revenge. Now that I have cooled down want to apologize to all of you. however the overcharging is correct.

They said I had 2 and a half pounds of tomatoes, I only had one pound.

It measured at 2 and a half pounds. They are getting mixed up with pounds and kilograms because a pound is less than a kilogram.