In four different instances I have purchased dvd's from walmart that have either had an incorrect DVD in them, or no DVD at all. When I take the case back to the store, they tell me that thieves will sometime slit the package and steal the dvd. This I could understand, but why would they switch a dvd.

I purchased Tinkerbell for my 4 yr old and there was a movie in the case that was scratched, old, and not rated "G". The problem with this last instance was that after the third time I started checking the plastic coating to make sure the package was not tampered with. Tinkerbell was wrapped completely.

The manager swore my daughter had to have switched the disc with one of my other movies. A) I opened the package. B) I did not own that particular movie. C)I had checked the package before I purchased it.

I purchase movies (almost 1000 DVD's alone) all the time from there. They have given me my money back since I ALWAYS! keep the receipts. It's just a pain to return merchandise that should be in its package when I walk out the door.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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