Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania
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What a disgrace. I ordered a bissell turbo sweeper on walmart .

com on sunday. It was ready for pickup on Monday. Obviously it came from the local stores stock. The problem when I opened the box.

The items were all loose and not in their individual boxes. The most unsanitary condition existed. The sweeper will dirty and showed signs of wear on the floor roller and brushes. Having been in retail myself.

I know what they did, a customer returned it and they tried to pawn it off on me as new. Are they not aware of how unsanitary this is. There could be bedbugs and other germs in that filthy unit.

Oh they are happy to replace it. They are so nice they even promised a $10 gift card for my troubles.

So I waist my time and gas and the potential of needing an exterminator.

Walmart is getting pretty desperate. This occurred in the Walmart supercenter in Wilkes Barre pa.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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Hey low life I actually have over 5 emails. Just clicked on the wrong one.

If you know how to read, which i doubt, try reading the complaint by wasco2150. then read the when i respond to your *** replys as niceone2150. If you have even an ounce of functional brain left you will easily be able to see that i was not trying to hide my identity or mislead anyone. What walmart store do you work at?

Do you still own that sinking walmart stock. Time to short sell it.


the low life person who mention beating the kids, would be happy to have the dirty sweeper the additional bedbugs and roaches would be right at home in her place


To the person that asked what do I want. I got a refund and $10.

Perhaps he or she would like the germs in her home so that she can enjoy them along with her children. Simply put this is a health hazard. I made a mistake.

I should have taken the item to the local department of public health and called the local tv stations to let buyers be aware of the potential health issues. Get bed bugs or *** roaches and you see if it is worth the $10 gift card


Hey Tasha, I want "FREE". :zzz :grin


That is why so many stores don't allow an open item to be returned unless it's defective. It's a good policy and this is what happens when stores don't have that policy. People whine and cry when they don't get to buy a product, use it for a while, and then return it, but they don't think about this end of it.