I bought an air filter for my car. When wanting to install it, I open the box,I find a dirty air filter instead of a new one.

Not worth going back that distance for a seven dollar filter. My advice for anyone shopping in walmart would be open the product box and have a look before you buy. After having other problems with walmart in the past, I won't be going back.

This shows that walmart people don't check products being returned. It also shows how low some people are to return an item like this and say it's the wrong size.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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I work at walmart and this happens all the time because people(thieves) bring in old or use items and switch them with new ones and walk out. This happens frequently with oil filters, air filters, and wiperblades.

If we question them they throw a hissy fit and say they were just bringing the old item in to compare so they dont buy the wrong thing. We can not catch everyone who does this.

It is not usually a return that gets put back out but rather shoplifters. I would suggest checking your item before you purchase it when the package can be easily opened


You cannot blame the store entirely, this is more of a damned if you do, damned if you don't care. Let's say a black person comes in and makes a return.

They open the box up to check everything is in there as they would for everyone else. They play the race card and say they are being treated like a criminal(the thing is these people are the ones that probably return used products and claim they were never used, or these people are the ones that return items stealing from the box and replacing it with junk.