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A year back I bought a Quipp power Pro portable power battery charger from Walmart. It lasted only 7 months.

Now it does not hold charge. I contacted Walmart and asked for help. They aked me to call the number of the company and it was a wrong number. If you googel for quick power pro manufacturers, you cannot find it.

I think walmart has started to no good and duplicate products for money gains. Ir has responsible after service.

Just they have cheap products. I would not go and buy anything from Walmart anymore nor I would advise others.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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I also have one of these items and there is no website or customer service number on the box.


I agree that wal-mats is not like when it started. It is sorry now, and the prices are going through the roof.

They think they have put the competition out of business. Looking for Cosco to come to town.


Well, check this out.... mine would not charge

I decided I would just replace the sealed lead acid battery inside. The front of the charger says it's a 22 AmpHour (Ahr) supply.

Low and behold, the battery inside was only 18 AmpHour. I guess they don't plan on anyone opening these up, eh?


Better luck making a battery out of a lemon, which is just what this is. And Walmart doesn't care. If you find a Walmart still selling it, buy it and return the old one in the box for a refund.


no *** no one said that BUT if the company who makes the product says that the product is guaranteed to work for a year and wal mart sells the product then by god wal mart should honor that guarantee.


Same thing here! It is worthless product. :(


I have the same problem!!!!


quipp 600a wont charge...they still sell them and wont acknowledge the fact that they are defective......dont buy one!!


You really expect a store to refund an item after 7 months? Get real. Good luck finding a store that will.