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We stopped in to Walmart to buy a head of lettuce for dinner. We chose the best looking one from a batch of fairly poor looking lettuce heads.

When we got home and peeled off the first leaf, the whole head of lettuce was rotten all the way through. The next day, we went back to Walmart and exchanged the lettuce and asked to see the manager and the produce manager. After a long wait, someone showed up, but refused to supply her business card. It is not the $1.50, that bothers me.

It is the time it takes to go to the store and come back and the lost meal, that is the problem. You hope you can trust your food source to provide healthy food, but apparently, you can not trust Walmart. I was told on the phone by their store manager that Walmart does not hire produce managers, so there is no one with the expertise and training to prevent putting out rotten food for sale to the customer. One would think that this represents a huge liability to Walmart and worth hiring appropriate, trained people.

Apparently, not. I will get my food from a more reputable grocer from now on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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The do sell rotten food and so often I will never shop at a walmart again!!!


actually the manager of that store likes to make sweat love to lettuce, so he should have known while his wee wee was in the middle of the lettuse.


If you carried that head of lettuce around for an hr, to the car, to the house, washed it... AND ONLY THEN realized it was rotten then how the *** do you really expect them to know.

They didn't coddle that head of lettuce nearly as much as you did lmfao at some of the ppl on here. I think you are the dumb@ss on this little bandwagon.


Pretty much everything WalMart sells is rotten. Most of it comes from China. Personally, I never shop at WalMart.


they do sell me rotton food i don't care if they press charges anymore. ha ha ha. i will spread lies and i will say the manager humped me.


stop telling me what to say.

stop your lies.

it is true:

walmart sells rotten food.

you are a liar

so just shut up.

it is TRUE:

walmart sells rotten food.


please stop posting on my letter, they may think I am the one posting the other negitive things


please stop posting on my letter, they may think I am the one posting the other negitive things


of course walmart sells rotten food.

they are not local to anyone or any

place, except arkansas.

I noticed the rotten food at walmart

over ten years ago.

it is instantly obvious how bad

their produce is.....so just

imagine how bad the meat and seafood

must be!!! with headquarters and

distribution center in arkansas.....

nothing can possibly be fresh for the

rest of us nationwide!


I lied because they arrested me for shoplifting. Wanted them to look bad, but when I posted this in the local paper they found out it is me and are threatening to sue me.

Imagine a big business threatening to sue a private citizen.

Does anyone know how to have my letter removed, incase they sue me for this as well.