Fort Garland, Colorado
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Don and Bobbie bought a (new) 19" Sansui LCD TV at Walmart. Yesterday,

Bobbie said to me, "That TV we bought has KKTV-11, Colorado Springs

already Pre-Programed into it."

I thought about it for a while. Sansui in China ships 10,000 tv's out at

a time, Do you think they say something like, "Well this one is going to

the Walmart store in Alamosa Colorado so we should Pre-Program it with

KKTV-11." No, I don't think so. I think there is less than 1 % chance of

that. The following is more than 99.9% likely.

Someone went to the Alamosa Walmart, Bought the TV, Set it up and

watched it for a while. Then, something about the TV they didn't like.

They returned the TV to Walmart for exchange or refund. Walmart, By Law,

Should have sent the TV back to Sansui for Recertification. Instead,

Walmart repackaged the TV and put it back on the shelf to sell to

someone else.

That is why I won't buy a TV from Walmart!

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Let me tell you a little story about Walmart. About 12 years ago, When My Mother was alive, She wanted a color printer/scanner for Christmas.

I went to Walmart and bought the last one they had. Took it home and wrapped it for Mom. Christmas day, She opens the box and, WHAT! a Used old pile of junk printer.

What Happened? Someone bought the printer, Then put their old printer in the box, took it to Walmart and got a refund. Walmart didn't even open the box to check the printer, They just put it on the shelf and sold it to me.

So all you *** "Retard" *** can go on blowing your hard earned cash at Walmart, the store who has put more people out of work than anything in the history of the world!!! Schmucks!


"Just Check out You'll see!" No - post the specific link and then cite the area of law you are referring to.


Just Check out You'll see!


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It's me again even more evidence to the fact it's not against the law. Once my brother baught a xbox 360 from KMAT.

We take it home supposedly it's brand new. We boot it up and it has almost bunch of saved games to it already and a user profile. So clearly it was returned to kmart.

Anyways we took it back to KMART insisted it was clearly used and we wanted a new one. After some fighting they gave us a different one.


I work for a different retail store and I can assure you there is no law against selling returns for regular price. All returns we get are put back on the self for regular price. The only time they do not go back onto the sales floor is if they are defective.

Joan B

If the CSR in a store asks if the item being returned has been used and the customer says no, what is the CSR supposed to do----tell the customer they are lieing? In any case the TV might not have actually been used.

The customer could have plugged it in and started programming it, then had some type of problem with it and decided to return it, and said there was nothing wrong with it. Or it could be that they installed it, then decided they wanted a different size.


What exactly do you think happens when people return stuff because they didn't want the product.

And do post a link or citation of the law that prohibits stores from selling returns.


what law would that be exactly? please link.

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