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I sent the following to Sprint regarding their service and also about what happened to me with Walmart where I purchased the phone for a recent upgrade. Been contacting Walmart customer service and even though was told that they will look at this and get back to me to take care of it still nothing heard from them. They simply do NOT care !

This is what I sent to Sprint:

Thank you Sprint for screwing me over !

Your service don't work. Having problems with your service since moved to a different home/location earlier this year. Everyone in the neighborhood that has Sprint has the same problem. Phones don't work inside the houses and barely inside. The only ones that have cell phone service with no problem are those that have AT&T and Verizon.

Was given one of your Airave device back them to solve this problem but since it works via the internet connection and where I live being that Comcast is the only internet provider available, their service happens to be the worst I have seen. Disconnects many times during the day, bad signal, etc... Been on their back about that as well everyone else in the area. When the internet goes down I have no cell phone service and also poor voice quality (breaks up) and according to your tech support and Airave tech support that is because of the quality of my internet service signal.

One of the many reasons I was told was that I was getting bad or no service is because the 3 phones in the plan are 3G phones and need to get 4G phones.

Being that was up for an upgrade, ended up upgraded all the 3 phones in the plan to 4G phones. Guess what ?

Still the same problem so you lied !

According to you everytime you look in your systems for service issues you show no service problems at all. As told many of the people I have talked over the phone about this, you might show that but is not true since is in the proof that you can not provide good service since none of the 3 new phones work good, the other 3 phones either, and all the other people that live in the same neighborhood that has Sprint have the same problem.

When went to your local store that is closest to my house I was told that they know about this issue and that service is not good in this area. Also that a neighborhood that is near me no one that has Sprint there gets service without using an Airave.

Bought the cell phones at a local Walmart. I discovered that one of the cell phones that purchased was a used one. Seems that someone returned the phone and they put it back in the box and sold is a new phone and that is the phone I got. This is because there were contacts stored in the phone's memory. Numbers and name of people I don't know and also I don't store contacts in the phone by in my google account. That defeats the purpose of being able to recover the contacts in the event the phone is lost or stolen.

After calling Walmart about this I was told they didn't had no more phones in stock (Samsung Galaxy S4) and that a manager will call back to see what they are going to do about it. Was supposed to get a call by Friday.

I never got a call and because waiting on them and such went over by 1 day (which is today 12/16/13) for the 14 days return/cancelation period that you offer.

Walmart corporate office seems not to care at all.

It is obvious you don't care because I was told that if I cancel will be charged all the applicable cancelation charges. As with any company, any company can waive and not charge anything they feel like it. For being 1 day over you won't waive such.

At this time I seem to be stucked with your non lousy working service for another 2 years and a used phone.

I will be filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission about this, and also posting this what happened with your company based in my opinion all over any internet forums and other outlets I see so people know what you are doing and the type of company you are. To avoid not doing business with you and not to recommend to anyone.

Resolution ?

Cancel the contract with no penalties !

Simple as that.

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Thanks for your feedback.

English is not my first language, spanish is.

I think in spanish when writting in english and that might be why it sounds like that.


I would practice my writing skills before I submit a letter to the Federal Trades Commission if you want them to take you seriously. You need to re-read your complaint as it sounds like a person who is making a very poor attempt at sounding intelligent and ended up sounding like a child throwing a tantrum. I understand your anger and frustration however, the letter I just read and re-read again, only makes you appear dumb.

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