My mom bought a V-Tech phone at walmart that had already been used. It had 40 calls in the caller ID and it came with the wrong adapter for the electricity connection...

WTF??? I am telling everyone I know that shops there about this!!! Walmart sucks. This is a very serious issue.

Everything that has been used before should marked and sold at a cheaper price. They should also check every single item they get so that they can confirm it has been actually returned with all the pieces it is supposed to have.

By the way, this happened in a brand new walmart opened in Pembroke Pines- FL, the exact same day it was opened for the first time. Now I wonder how many miles that phone had to travel so it could be on the market again.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Hello Sarah? Get me the Sheriff!


Yes, Lets blame the entire corporation for one employee. Sounds like America these days.


They are NOT supposed to sell anything that's been used..It does to claims...Apparently, someone didn't bother to take it back when the phone was returned


Stores still sell home phones?

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