Rice Lake, Wisconsin

My mother-in-law ordered a samsung galaxy tab 3 from walmart.com. They sent her a $20 crosman mini carbine airsoft bb gun instead of the tablet she ordered and she's getting the run around from them!

"It will be a week to figure it out" "It will be another three weeks". They send the info on the problem to someone who says it's not their problem and they send it on to someone else who says it's not their problem. Walmart is horrible! They are saying the order was lost after delivery and someone must have stole it after delivery.

They are not taking responsibliity for the fact that someone on THEIR end messed up and sent the wrong item! I was with my MIL when she ordered the tablet online.

She ordered it and did not order the gun! They are refusing to refund her money for the tablet even though she never received it!

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I ordered a curtain rod from Walmart and ended up reviewing a firearm which I was absolutely shocked!

I have 3 young children and the gun was left on my doorstep in a box picturing the rifle!

I had to call the police to look at it and it ended up being a BB gun. When I spoke with corporate the woman did not apologize, she spoke down to me.

My children could have been hurt of worse!

Horrible policies and rude people. Don't go here to shop!


call credit card company put the charges in dispute!!