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I was in the Zephyrhills, Florida Walmart and was told my service dog could not sit in the cart. I bring a blanket & always put her there.

I have PTSD and she has to be right by me. A manager came up and told me she could bot sit where the children sit because the FDA is checking the carts for ***. Seriously, then they need to take out any kids with poopy diapers....which I see all the time.

I told him that the ADA trumps the FDA.

To avoid a conflict I put her down. But it is very easy for some elderly person not to see her and fall.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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There wasn't any reason for you to repeat your complaint. IF you truly need a service dog get one that can be seen easily instead of some little hair ball.

to anonymous Plant City, Florida, United States #896360

Thank you for your wasted time commenting. Now go educate yourself with the ADA laws.

to sgsanctuary #896391

Your welcome. Now send that dog to me so I can properly train it.

to Anonymous #896514

I get it first, I own a restaurant in Chinatown and I call dibs on the dog. Ever had orange chicken, or general tao chicken, well I will tell you a secret, the main ingredient is not chicken. We dig up corpses at the pet cemetery and sell use that in our meat.

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