Brandon, Florida
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I was in the Zephyrhills, Florida Walmart and was told my service dog could not sit in the cart. I bring a blanket & always put her there.

I have PTSD and she has to be right by me. A manager came up and told me she could bot sit where the children sit because the FDA is checking the carts for ***. Seriously, then they need to take out any kids with poopy diapers....which I see all the time.

I told him that the ADA trumps the FDA.

To avoid a conflict I put her down. But it is very easy for some elderly person not to see her and fall.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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#1648435 This is a link to QA's on the ADA web site. There is lots of additional information about service animals on the ADA site.

Then you'll know what your talking about.

You'll notice they generally don't want them in carts. Check it out.


There wasn't any reason for you to repeat your complaint. IF you truly need a service dog get one that can be seen easily instead of some little hair ball.


Thank you for your wasted time commenting. Now go educate yourself with the ADA laws.


Your welcome. Now send that dog to me so I can properly train it.


I get it first, I own a restaurant in Chinatown and I call dibs on the dog. Ever had orange chicken, or general tao chicken, well I will tell you a secret, the main ingredient is not chicken. We dig up corpses at the pet cemetery and sell use that in our meat.