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I am boycotting Walmart after a horrible experience.

We go through coupons, ads and make a list of what we want.Get to checkout, tell cashier "We have coupons and are matching" Shes like "well i need to see the ads" A customer from the next checkout was like "Oh I do couponing also, your store policy says you don't need to show the ad" My cashier rolls her eyes.

I figure shes a older lady, and I'd be nice and show her the ads, which on everything we got I had to go through Albertsons AND Kroger ad to find what she needed. Get to coupons, and mom, who wasn't feeling well handed her the envelope, which ended up being the wrong one. Our bad. But she starts scanning them and had a attitude the whole time.

She was mad cause she was suppose to leave, but had a line (People kept coming even after she turned her light off.) She came to the V8fusion coupons, which is when we figured out we gave her the wrong envelope. We had 2-1.5 off one V8fusion and 1 coupon for buy 2 v8 fusions and get a tea for free. The register didn't want to accept the 1.5 off coupons, I tried explaining how it went but shes like "well the registers not accepting them and theres nothing I can do. She refused the gum coupons and argued about what it said.

I finally said screw it, finished with her and went to customer service. Told her what was going on, and she had a blank look on her face. She DID say we were right about the V8 though. She tried to tell us the registers only allow up to a certain amount of coupons.

I asked "how many" she was like "I don't know" so I said I only used 20 coupons, most places its up to 100 coupons or like 500$ and I only spent 150$. She had no idea what she was talking about. She also didn't call over a manager. So I told her I wanted a refund on the juice and gum.

It was almost 20$. I was so mad. Spent a hr in line and had to put up with rude people. NOT going back there.

Match prices my A**.Worse experience in a long time!!

Monetary Loss: $20.


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Jacksonville Beach, Florida, United States #628868

FACT: Last month, Wal-Mart placed last among department and discount stores in the American Customer Satisfaction Index, the sixth year in a row the company had either tied or taken the last spot.

Naples, Florida, United States #628279

Actually, I am ghetto trash. So, according to my own post, I work at walmart and I am one of the ignorant cashiers that has to be retrained because I'm too STU.PID to remember how to use the register only use ignorant ghetto blue collar trash work at walmart because we can't get a job anywhere else with a just ged. I am so sick of customers constantly complaining about my ignorance and getting me in trouble with the management so I am going to treat all customers with nothing but hatred and loathe because walmart doesn't need customers you all would be better off shopping at target.

Naples, Florida, United States #628199

The register will require an override when the coupons/admatch equal $50. It is a simple matter for the CSM to do so.

Now, I agree with the cashier being pissed though. When my shift is over, I want to leave. And when a light is off, people need to use their common sense and go to a register where a light is on. People are not as *** as they make out to be. They just think Walmart employees are less than human and have no right to common courtesy.

I actually had a woman start banging on the pharmacy gate one night when we closed demanding her script. She did not get it as we were closed and leaving.

People who do the things you described should remember, if you work, you like to leave when your shift is over, so why the *** do you give a cashier at Walmart *** for the same thing?

Me, I would have refused to ring anyone who came after my light was off, and after the last person who was already in line. I am curious though. You knew her light was off, so why did YOU not tell those who kept coming she was closed? I do all the time no matter what store I am in.

Your good deeds come back to you on your own job, you know.

New Braunfels, Texas, United States #628020

It's funny how they say they honor competitor ads but they are annoyed when you bring them to their attention.Even when you give them the information before they scan the item so they can do a price override, as they have to scan for at their price override that and enter the sales ad price.

If you had already placed your items on the conveyor then it is their job to check you out it just like when you get in the 10 or 20 items or less "express" line they do NOT turn away customers that are over the amount indicated, which is very common. (I realize some people have trouble counting) A few years back I purchased a frozen food item and the scanned price was not what the sign said they got a price check and I got it for the price on the sign.

The next time I was in the store I seen the sign was still there I bought it again and the same thing happened, this went on for 3 more visits until they finally removed the was a good deal 3 dollars off the scanned price but the sign was there and they had to honor it.I is so easy to outsmart walmart employees and the management will always side with the customer when the employee is wrong.

Dallas, Texas, United States #618190

I suspect english was not her first language, the majority of walmart employees in Texas ¿No habla ingles? they should start paying them in pecos....hehe

to that retail worker Allen, Texas, United States #618284

Well if she had her light OFF I wouldn't have gone to her line, but she didn't.So that is not my fault, just saying.

If you are going to make judgements, know the facts first.Also, if you are in line, unload all your stuff then the cashier shuts her light off you shouldn't have to go to another line.


Our store we have to see the flyers.Why?

Because people try to use the previous week's flyers. People have tried to give us the wrong price for an item.

People have tried to get a product that isn't in a flyer for some price other than the price in the store.So seeing a flyer isn't out of line.


South florida, I think your wrong for being so mean towards disabled people.Walmart does have alot of elderly and disabled people working from them, but that is not why I don't like them.

For the most part I have issues with young to middle aged women.The elderly are friendly and nice, as are the disabled


The price of Brocoli has been charged more than what should be.This is the first time (in my 5 yrs of walmart shopping) I checked my receipt, while waiting my friend, and found their careless fault.

Then I was more worried about whether the same mistakes had happened in last five years because I never checked my receipt.

Please Please, CHECK your receipt after each purchasing; otherwise Walmart will be bleeding your money..

to Khem #627902

People make it sound like all the time prices are wrong, etc. Been shopping at Walmart 16 years...I can count on one hand number of times something has been wrong on my receipt.

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