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I bought a Patio Chef grill for $288 and a 3 year service care plan from Walmart in Gilford NH on May 31, 2008. I bought it for my husband for Father's Day. We used to use our grill everyday. I have been trying since 8/1/2010 to get replacement parts for the grill (4 burners, heat plates and the support bars) On 9/3/2010 I sent in another service request and received this as a response: We have received your claim request and it has been processed. Our assigned depot will mail you a prepaid mailing label. You should expect to receive the label 5-7 business days. Please package and return the product to us using this pre-paid label. Upon receiving your product we will repair and mail the product back to you. Service Center information:GAS GRILL PARTS ORDERING703 700-0000Service Request Number:38809493. Thank you for using Walmart Product Support Center!. You are a valued customer and our goal is to provide you with the best possible service. If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact us any time at 877-968-6391.

I never received a prepaid label. I called Product Assist again on April 12, 2011 to ask about the prepaid label. She stated that they needed the parts numbers for the broken parts. I told her I didn't know them & they were not in my owners manual. She said I had to call the company (which I did) but they are no longer in business. She said she did not know what to do with this claim and that someone would contact me by the end of the next day. I did not receive a call the next day.

On April 18, I called again. I explained to that person that I was suppose to receive a call regarding my grill. He told me that I had to call the grill manufacture to get parts numbers. I explained that the company is no longer in business. He gave me number to call, but it turned out it was an audio manufacture. I called back 5 minutes later and get someone new. I explain to her the situation and she transfers me to a supervisor. The supervisor says "i'm sorry it must be frustrating for you, but there is nothing i can do"

I looked around for my product service plan terms. In there is states: ( Service Plan: (products $147 and over) What is Covered: This Plan covers parts and labor costs to repair your product in the event the product experiences a breakdown. If we determine that we cannot service your product as specified in this Plan, we may replace it with a NEW, REMANUFACTURED, OR A PRODUCT OF LIKE KIND AND QUALITY THAT PERFORMS TO THE FACTORY SPECIFICATIONS OF THE ORIGINAL PRODUCT or we may at our discretion issue you a voucher, gift card or check for the original purchase price of that product, including taxes, as indicated on your sales receipt. Non-original manufacturer's parts may be used for repair of the product if the manu facturer's parts are unavailable or more costly. For Grill Plans: * Facilitate the parts procurement process, including the shipping of parts to and from the service center, from date of purchase.

Not one person in all my phone calls, told me about the service plan terms. If I can't get replacement parts for my grill because I can't locate parts numbers due to company that no longer exists, then I am requesting a replacement.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $288.

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Grill "Extended" plans are seedy at best. There is overlap in year one with the mfr warranty.

The call center clerks have no clue what to do. You received canned responses.

Get in touch with the Walmart Market Manager (name should be on the board in Cust Svc or just ask) for the store you purchased it in and make a stink. You'll get action.


Wow, they must have this on a recording. I was just told the same thing.

I could not get part numbers, and they could not do anything unless I had them. Walmart should consider changing companies.


Then let them know something like it wont function and buy a new one obviously

Why repair when it breaks constantly


I bought a Canon camera on Black Friday and was sold this 2-year extended warranty by the cashier at the register. An hour or two later, I realized that this warranty is just another profit ploy for them so I went back to cancel it but I was told I cannot do it.

I must return the camera as well to get refund for the warranty. I told them, "I like the camera but did not like the warranty, I said.

but they are hesitant to do the refund. It is sad and frustrating!


That is just not true. You can legally cancel it either through Walmart or the company that administers it, Asurion.


I bought a straight talk cellphone with the warranty. I filed my claim and received the shipping label.

Obviously I shipped the product in. I've been waiting for a week now for them to send me the "Gift Card E-mail" to purchase a new one. Supposively it was only going to take 24 to 48 hours. Going to buy groceries with the gift card and purchase a phone elsewhere.

Walmart can blow me. :p


I bought a vizio tv through walmart and bought a 2 year extended service through walmart the same day. What a mistake.

The remote stopped working, called walmart they asked me to ship it for repair. They sent me a prepaid shipping slip (ground) it took a total of 2 weeks to get it back, then the remote stopped working again after 3 weeks, they told me to repeat the process again and they told me it will take 4 times before they will replace the product.

Be aware before you buy any extended service through walmart. I will not buy any extended service through them again, go with the manufacture they will do a much better service for you.

Alan C

Since there are very few functional parts on grills, service plans on them are very spurious at best. You would have been better off going to the mfr website or calling them.

The call centers for these plans are clueless and the process obviously made to frustrate. Get outside help such as your state's division of consumer affairs and the BBB.


I brought computer with service plan and sent in computer for repair. They send a message stating the computer was being repaired and it would take longer because parts needed to be ordered.

Two weeks later I get the computer back stating it had water damage. I know it was not damaged by water. Infact, I wrote computer would not turn on but it did it was the connection on the side that was loose.

Now, the computer does not work at all. I suggest you take pictures of your computer and buyer be aware the service center they use are not truthful.

@***ed in Ohio

odd. because the service plans cover water damage.

i used to work there. i know exactly how it works. it just doesnt work how the public wishes it did so people need to ***. sounds to me like ur problem lies with the cashier that sold u the plan.

she did not sell you a laptop plan bc any portable item that is meant to be handled in everyday use has accidental damage from handling coverage (cracks, spills, drops). sounds to me like she sold u a general protection plan, such as those sold on tvs and desktop computers that do NOT coverage any sort of ADH. this can not be fixed by a phone rep or anyone at the plan company. it must be fixed by walmart themselves but most of the store employees and many of the managers dont know that even though they have been through the necessary training, which i have attended and again, the problem lies with those kids they hire at walmart not thinking this is important.

if you ever buy a plan again, think about checking into the type or coverage you have compared to the item u bought. walmart employees dont care about you so you must take the time out to make sure what you are paying for is what you actually need.