Telkwa, British Columbia
11 comments gouging online customers with flat rate ..100.00 shipping fees.PER item...i called several times to point this out to them. Just get the same spiel about remote areas pay shipping.

Not remote if you consider 1 hour away from major city remote.

One 24.00 dvd ends costing 136.00 if ordered. advertises free shipping with the exception of some remote areas.

As it turns out walmart is taking advantage of the holidays.

No reason why such high shipping rates...

If they want to charge shipping to customers who dont have walmart in community then at least charge a fair shipping rate.

Unethical and so odd this started a month before christmas.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I am not trolling just stating the truth and your grammar is still not correct, you missed capital letters ect. You don't include periods. I am correct, mistaking being told no is childish behavior.

Melbourne, Florida, United States #921153

Just because you are an hour away from a major city doesn't mean that city isn't remote as well. Remote doesn't just mean away from civilization.

It also means remote for the shipping company. If the closest hub for Purolator is Price George that's 220 miles away.

That is freaking remote. And if a truck has to travel from Prince George just to deliver a dvd they are going to charge appropriately for time and gas.

to MattD78 #921250

You have no idea what you are talking about.You missed the whole point. Read the complaint very slowly...

Perhaps you might understand the complaint then. .

Until then, perhaps you should learn keep your coments to yourself.You are making yourself look silly.

Try not to coment on subjects you don't understand. Fellow from "florida"

to Anonymous #921359

You have no right to poke fun of how poorly someone reads when you don't even know that Florida is the name of a state therefore it should begin with a capital letter. This is taught in the first grade.

Go retake first grade grammar and then you can comment. You obviously also need to read things slowly. They are saying it is not wroth the trip 220 miles for one DVD.

Imagine how much you would have to pay because you are selfish and too lazy to make the trip yourself. Imagine them having to raise prices because of this immature behavior?

to KevinRichards #921377

ok kevin I heard about you go and crawl under a bridge i think that is where trolls live

i watched my grammer in this reply just for you

to KevinRichards #921383

hey kev we were wondering when you would pop in and join us

to Anonymous #921361

You are the one making yourself look silly not Matt. The fact that you don't capitalize the "F" in Florida makes you look uneducated as well, since this is taught in the first grade.

to Anonymous #975218

I understand it just fine. The original poster was complaining that Walmart wants to charge over $100 just to ship one dvd because the area he is in is considered by them/the shipper to be remote.

I was pointing out regardless of what this person feels Walmart/shipper have their own reasons to consider an area remote. So no I got the point just fine.


If you don't think its a remote area, drive your butt to Wal mart and pick up your own items.

to Anonymous #920729

you missed the whole point. I am willing to pay shipping.

not at 100.00 per order.

Reasonable true shipping is fine by me...You are rude. Are you a troll?

to Anonymous #921364

Okay now I know you are a six year old child. First of all you don't have basic grammar skills that a normal adult should have.(Not capitalizing Florida) .

Second you mistake being told you are wrong as trolling and rudeness. Only a six year old or someone who has very low IQ would ASSume that someone is being rude because they told them the truth.

Either pay the $100 or get your *** to the store. They are not going to make a special delivery just for you your highness.

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