My husband and I ordered an iPad. When we opened the box, we were ASTOUNDED to see a pair of PANTS in the box and NO IPAD!

The packing slip was correct for our iPad order, the shipping label was correct, the address was correct, etc...but the only item in the box was a pair of large blue pants. Walmart is dragging their feet and says they'll "investigate". They want 5-7 business days to do this, but we know it will be much more.

How much do you want to bet we are out $400? Imagine...pay for an IPAD, receive PANTS!

Monetary Loss: $400.

Location: Warner Robins, Georgia

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It was most likely an Asian employee who misread your order. "They no say what size ipants!

"XXXL Blue iPants should fit obese American Hambeast! Ha! Haaa!


PS- check those pants. If they display a sharp crease, it was definitely an Asian who screwed up your order.


Why is everybody assuming that it has to be the employees? I for one don't believe the "Pants" story at all.

I have read about countless stories of customers ordering merchandise online then claiming that they didn't receive it or the package contained something other than what they had ordered. Usually something a lot cheaper that they can buy at the store then replace the actual item with. Then they complain and expect to get there money back or a duplicate item. Hence...Theft through mail.

People are so quick to fall for these scams and that's why they are so popular.

OPEN your eyes! :upset :upset :upset


maybe because it happens all the time "The grocery manager at a Marrero Wal-Mart and another employee have been accused in a scheme to steal Apple iPads from the store. Manager Rancifer, 33, of Harvey, and Robert Brown, 51, of New Orleans, were arrested Tuesday and booked with theft of property worth more than $1,500, according to Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office arrest reports.

Rancifer eventually admitted to stealing all sorts of property from the store over the past six months, more than $4,500 worth, the arrest report said.

The thefts occurred at the Wal-Mart located at 4810 Lapalco Blvd.

Loss prevention officers there were investigating the disappearance of several iPads. While keeping an eye on things, the officers spotted Rancifer on Monday palming iPads from a locked case while Brown acted as a lookout, the report said.

Both men were detained.

Rancifer confessed to stealing a total of 10 iPads and three iPod Touches on three occasions, the report said. After he would steal them from the case, the duo would strip the pricey tablets from their boxes and smuggle them out of the store."


more employees stealing at wallyworld!! this is what happens when you cut cut cut "The shift in Wal-Mart's shoplifting policy follows widespread reports from Wal-Mart workers, many in the Loss Prevention Division, who have witnessed deep cuts, scheduling changes, and other restructuring at Wal-Mart stores.

In fact, as reported in the New York Times, J.P. Suarez, Wal-Mart's Loss Prevention director admits the company is making these changes as a cost- saving measure.

As Suarez states "it was no longer efficient to prosecute petty shoplifters, 'If I have somebody being paid $12 an hour processing a $5 theft, I have just lost money'," he said. "I have also lost the time to catch somebody stealing $100 or an organized group stealing $3,000.""


Are you kidding me??? First of all, that bit of an article you quoted is NOT about employees shoplifting it's about cuts or scheduling changes that could impact employees in the loss prevention department.

So are you implying that most shoplifting that happens at Walmart is done by the employees and not the customers?? If that's what you claim, then my second question is why do you assume the iPad was shipped directly from one of these thief-ridden stores and not a warehouse?


yes yes and yes. they call it shrinkage not shoplifting when an employee steals and yes yes yes more employees steal then customers read some of the financial statements.

and yes when they cut lost preventions they have less eyes on everything including the warehouses.


Yeah I get that employees steal and since Walmart employs more people in the United States than any other employer (private at least) they'll obviously have more employee thefts. However, unless every piece of stolen merchandise was recovered and the thief apprehended, how can anyone say (financial documents or otherwise) that the employees steal more than the customers?

The employees are probably CAUGHT more than the customers but I'm sure monetarily the customers get away with much more.

As far as the warehouses go, although I'm sure there's theft (as there is anywhere), it's probably way lower than in the stores. First, just the fact that there are no customers in the warehouse has to bring the employee theft level down because they'd feel less safe (can't think of a better word to use there). Like when the merchandise shows up missing there's no long-gone-customer scapegoat to put the blame on.

It WAS an employee who did it. Second, if Walmart's warehouses work like amazon's or other Internet stores' do, then the tracking of merchandise from the time the order is placed until the time it's sealed in a box and shipped off is down to the second and directly tied to an individual. Like they have those little scanner guns that FedEx guys use to track merchandise at every step. So if items are missing from inventory it's discovered sooner than it would be in a store setting.

Or if the person packing the iPad into the box decided to *** his own pants and ship those instead of the iPad, when the customer receives nasty pants and calls to complain, Walmart knows who to blame.

Anyway, I think I agree with the commenter who calls BS on the story altogether. If I ordered and PAID for an iPad, "astounded" would not be anywhere near the correct word to describe my reaction when I received pants instead.


unlike AMAZON walmart doesn't employee it WAREHOUSE workers they are SUB CONTRACTED and most don't even know they are WORKING FOR WALMART. low pay, temporary, "Schneider Logistics in California and Illinois cheated workers of fair wages. Schneider Logistics is subcontracted by Walmart to manage warehouses across the United States'


So what if Walmart subcontracts warehouse employees? I'm sure amazon does too. I brought up amazon only as an example of how the tracking of online orders works, starting at the warehouse and going all the way through to shipping.


Don't know about the wal-mart in your area but they have increased security in my local wal-mart. They have re-assigned the greeters to security position.

Now they stand 20 feet beyond the checkouts and require you to show them your receipts before you go out the door. I'm getting tired of shopping there.

You have someone watch everything you ring up on their self service registers and then have to have someone go through your receipt as soon as you get out of line. Next thing you know the 70 year old ladies checking your receipt will be armed.


sad they need to put cameras in the parking lots and man them. Walmart doesn't care about its customers MONEY MONEY MONEY is all they care about "A Rome man escaped serious harm after he was threatened with a knife during an attempted robbery in the parking lot of Walmart in West Rome, according to Rome police reports." "

Police have a man in custody suspected in a robbery and sexual assault crime spree spanning three cities in central Indiana and investigators suspect there may be more victims.

Michael Parrish of Indianapolis is a suspect in an abduction assault involving two women at the Avon Walmart last Thursday; a sexual assault in Indianapolis last Wednesday; and a Plainfield robbery.

Parrish, 37, is in the Hendricks County Jail awaiting his initial hearing on a long list of charges, including sexual assault, rape, robbery, theft, auto theft, receiving stolen property, battery, criminal confinement and more in a crime spree that spans Indianapolis, Plainfield and Avon.

A woman told police she was returning her cart in the parking lot of the Avon Walmart Thur" "The closest thing America has to domestic War Zones are the huge parking lots outside of Wal-Marts.

This No Man's Land is a battlefield where every imaginable crime occurs, from purse-snatching to rape, to murder.

Sometimes the victims and assailants are strangers. But sometimes Wal-Mart workers get into the act."


Stories such as this have been all over the news and Internet lately. Walmart employees are notorious for putting anything of weight in iPad boxes and other electronic items. I guess that'll learnya to order an iPad from Wollyworld :-)


If you were gonna order an iPad to be shipped to your home, maybe you should've ordered through apple or even amazon. If you want to purchase an iPad at Walmart, you should probably go to a physical store to buy it. Nothing against Walmart but when I think, "who do I trust to ship high end electronics to my home?", their name never comes up...like ever.


That's funny!

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