Middle Island, New York

Id like to inform everyone to be careful shopping in Walmart, employees are mad and may take their anger out on you hoping to cause lawsuits against Walmart. Though Im sure Walmart deserves it...

However, my story....

While shopping a week before Christmas, I notice pallets of goods being pushed down the aisles at unsafe speeds, like a freight train. I take notice and think wow, thats not cool. Now, here I am walking down a main aisle and in front of me is another pallet, this guy frantically getting these good in and packed out on the Christmas displays (gift packages). So, I see him and think, ok Ill just take a right down this aisle and out of their way.

When an employee leading the way grabs my cart and pulls it hard in the opposite direction to literally pull me out of the way. I hold to the cart as I almost lose my balance and she continues pulling the cart with such force. Bewildered by this act and realizing Im literally being assaulted. Finally I yell let go!!!

Before I fall, an incident report is filled out and I feel pain in my shoulder. By the next morning, my head feels like its in a vice and from her yanking the cart she triggered muscle spasms throughout my neck and shoulders. Walmart unfortunately has no clause in their insurance policy, which many companies do, that alots funds for a situation as this so that the person can get their doctors bill and any medical bills paid for. NOT WALMART.

So ITS SHOP AT YOUR OWN RISK! As a result, Im out of work for a week and no Christmas presents purchased because Im now on medication which I cant drive and all I can do is lay in bed and get rest!!! Walmart then calls me and says we decided not to compensate you for anything. Its on CAMERA, BUT WALMART only uses the camera if its to their benefit.

They say, well the employee says a different statement, of course they do. WALMART IS KNOWN FOR CAUSING HAZARDOUS CONDITIONS AND PUTTING CONSUMERS AT RISK FOR BODILY INJURY!

What other store do you hear this on a continuous basis, really. So, those of you who read this stop shopping in this store then they cant exist.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I don't see this story being real. even if it was, what normal person would hold onto their cart if it was violently being grabbed? I mean would you hang onto the cart if it was being blown off of a cliff?


You had to take a week off, please *** you ain't got no job. +


You were not assaulted. It sounds like the employee was trying to prevent you from being ran over since you seemingly weren't capable of getting out of the way yourself.

If someone was yanking your cart as hard as you claim, why didn't you let go? Something tells me the injury isn't as severe as you're making it out to be. You make it sound like you were in a 55mph car accident.

Sounds to me like you're just trying to take Wal-Mart for some easy money.