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I'm very frustrated because when I went to check out (as everybody knows they have 20 registers but they just open 5) I meet a cashier wich in the beginning told that she was new associate, I could notice that because she was so slow well I understand that, so of course after she rang me up I gave her the coupons that I have and one of them needed I guess and aprove, she turned her light on for a manager to come, I saw to of them just talking and talking and she was waving at them they pretended not to see her and It was unbelieveable because one of them was looking at her, after exactly 12 minutes that nobody approched to help her I decided to pay whatever it was and when I was about to leave they came and ask if everything was right and when I told them that we were waiting for them they start laughting and stearing at me, I work in retail and I know that when you have a new associate you can not leave them alone because she/he is the face or your store, looks like Cuatomer Service it is not Walmart priority so dissapointed

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Richfield, Utah, United States #883385

absolutely agree. I was a new employee at the bakery in walmart.

New associate. did they care.

oh no. It was just sink or swim.


Did it ever occur to you that they were having an important business discussion? Maybe they were talking about something more important than your 20 cents off beanie-weenies.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #873444

You could be right about that, or perhaps they were socializing about who they had sex with last night and about how great or horrible it was.

to First Born Triplet #873629

Well if it was horrid I doubt they would be bragging about it.

to Anonymous Richfield, Utah, United States #883390

Did it ever occur to you that the you always treat the customers with respect and courtesy. I always have.

Business discussion SHOULD NOT BE PUT BEFORE THE CUSTOMERS. 20 cents off the product is not the issue that is what keeps the company in business. I assume you are in management and don't give a rat about employees.

Just your raises . Right



First Born Triplet

Well with spelling and grammar like retail and fast food is the only kind of job you can have, also if you work in retail why not go shop at your own store. You must think you have the ability to read minds if you think you know they saw, her perhaps they did not see her.

Maybe they were laughing at your poor English. Instead of worrying about the terrible service you got why not work on your spelling and grammar.

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