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Walmart is always trying to put out a good image and I used to think positive about them. Not any more.

My 18 year old son who grossed $ 9,000 last year in 2011. I had already done his taxes for him on the E-Z form and he was getting a few hundred dollars refund. For some reason my wife told him to go down to Walmart and have a tax guy check my work. I've only been doing our taxes for the last 25 years.

Well when I get home today I see this glossy folder on the kitchen table and ask what it is. With her head bowed and begins with " I'm sorry, it is my fault, I screwed up and I'll pay him back." Walmart did his taxes and charged him $179. For what I ask knowing that I already did it on the one page E-Z form. They did a long form which took a couple dozen pages to come up with the same results.

How can they justify seeing a young kid that made less than $10 K and of course he would have no deductions rip him off like they did. I am one upset Dad who will be stopping by the local Walmart in Derry, NH tomorrow to offer a piece of my mind.

Then I go to the 3 newspapers. They used up almost his whole return.

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Wow, imagine that....having to pay for a service rendered. Outrageous!


Marko do you know how to read?


Also the tax people are not part of Walmart, your wife is dumb, you are dumb. Now so is your son. Stupidiness and dumbness must run in the family.


Your son is18, but do you still change his diaper, let him fight his own battle.


I guess Ben is single. He actually believes there is a meaning to a wife's logic. Boy do you have a surprise waiting for you some day.


It appears that the true meaning of the original post went right over your head. Or you are a Walmart employees.


Yell at the Jackson Hewitt or the HR Block, whoever is setup in that particualar store, Walmart had nothing to do with it.


Don't they have a tax service that pays rent and does the work? It's not Walmart!!! You have failed your son sir and your wife does not trust your ability to do the difficult task of tax prep for someone who earned $9,000.


Sounds like the blame is with your wife. You should boycott her too.