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My suggestion is that a class action lawsuit should be filed against Walmart .There is no possible way I could list all the bad expireiences I have had with not only staff but also upper management.I am familiar with laws and civil rights for consumers and have an amazing attorney who loves to take on corporate bullies that cross the line.This is a serious statement .

If you have personally been in a situation with a Walmart employee that just doesn't sit right with you,chances are your rights have been stomped on!

Go to Facebook page ,CA-CR-CP and post your story .

I'll be in touch. Kim

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Walmart Customer Service Nightmare
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why don't you just stop shopping there


It's not anyone's job to look after your stuff, instead you should have asked where to leave your stuff like customer service area. NOT between the lanes, or else someone would think they're returns.


I don't think you have a case. It is not illegal for them to not hold your hand and take you from product to product. Also leaving one space between sentences instead of two makes you sound less educated than you claim to be.


You don't know what you are talking about, they are by law required to take you to the place where the item is, and they by law required to watch your stuff when you use the washroom. I told an employee i was using the washroom and to watch my stuff, they said left and i will be filing a class action lawsuit for this, especially since my items were taken away because i took so long.

This is discrimination as it only happened because I am black. Racial profiling is against the law.


I don't expect them to hold my hand, just to help me because they are by law required to help me. I know my rights, and I now that racial profiling is against the law. I am going to sue them for time wasted for putting my items back.


You are by far delusional. Please by all means file your law suit and watch how fast it's laughed out of the court!

They are employees...not required by law to do anything that we as citizens of the US are required to do!

You sound like your talking about police officers and are coming off as a complete ***.

So your stuff got put back, big deal!

Next time don't assume someone standing there is going to bow down to your Marie Antoinette way of thinking.

I can just imagine how you act in public! "This man told me toilet paper was 20 cents cheaper than its ringing with his head!!"


lol you do realize this guy is just a troll right? no one could be this serious in their delusions.