Monroe, Louisiana
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So I knew that Walmart did not take great care of their fish, but I had never seen anything worse than what I saw the other night. almost all the fish in every single tank were dead.

I only have two pictures, but you will get the idea. In the crab tank, all the crabs were dead in a pile. The water in the tanks was disgusting. It was horrible Walmart should never be allowed to have anything to do with ANY type of animal especially fish.

Also, the betta fish were almost all dead and the water in there was also disgusting. I have no respect for a business that allows that type of cruelty.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I disagree, fish mistreatment isn't exactly cruelty in my opnion. They'd be eaten in the wild by now. Not only that a few isles down they have them canned


I actually have a confession to make, I was currently let go from the store two days ago, I came back in the store and put bleach in the fish tanks to kill off the fish, I came back the next day and the fish were dead. They have me on tape and are threatening to take me to court because not only do they have me on tape pouring bleach in the tank but also they have witnesses who saw me and reported me. In other words the bleach that I poured in the tanks is what killed them.


When I worked at a Walmart a guy working in the deli got fired, on his way out he dumped a rack of rotisserie chickens in a tub and hid it in the back. 4 months later, you can imagine what the new guy decided to check what was in the tote got blasted with.


First of all you deserve to go to court because you essentially stole from the company. By killing their fish they lost revenue and now most likely you will have to pay for ALL the fish that died.

Every single one of them. If not you will go to jail.

That will be posted in your record and many companies will not hire you if it comes to that. Good luck with life.


Don't you get it. It's the store writing that message so people will think that someone killed the fish and that the store is not full of *** idiots.


Holy cow is this a true story?! LOL


Easy solution to teach them a lesson for molesting these fish. Just go to the cooler section and grab a couple of packs of fresh fish fillets.

Next go sling a fish fillet under the shelves where no one will see them. Go in the bathroom , stand on the toilet and slide a panel of the suspended ceiling out of the way and sling 5 or 6 fillets in there. Pretend you are using the self check out scanner and toss a few fillets behind one of them. They will start stinking like a fish mixed with turds with burned hair on them.

It will be almost impossible for them to get the stink out.

Done it before, hilarious. Fish molesting walmart!


Is it possible for you to be anymore of a childish ***? Get a life, a job and try to do something positive in your life.

In other words...Grow Up!

How old are you? 12?


How do you know this person does not have a job. Getting a job does not make a person more mature?


wmart starts fights. they are big enough to fend for themselves. *** wmart they need as many problems as possible.


Please report them to your states humane society.This is terrible!


After her confession she is the one that needs to be reported the the humane society. Killing innocent fish just because she lost her job to make them look bad.

What next, kidnapping and harming a child in their store? The OP has issues and is even more fu**ed up than I am.


OP did it? I thought that was some random person making a joke or actually saying that they were responsible.


If that is the case, why does the IP address match?