Orlando, Florida
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A trip to the local WalMart eye center can raise your blood pressure!

All was going well until it came to pay and all *** broke loose. I was

misinformed as to the price of the eye exam (it went from $50.to $59) and that they only take check or cash, NO credit. So I was forced to get my dusty old checkbook at home and drive back to walmart and with these gas prices that to me is a big inconvenience. I tell them I'm complaining about the inept staff and how I was put out about something so important as $$$$. They called me crazy, yes Crazy! for blowing it out of proportion! I reminded them that I was the customer and I was the one that was inconvenienced. The Dr. through the check and prescription at me and told me to leave the store. They just ripped off their own company by letting me walk out without paying for a $59.00 eye exam. All because I said I was calling Corprate. I will never go there again.

They said that they will destroy all my medical records. Avoid the Walmart Eye Center.

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Well for 1 thing if I had seen a customer throw a fit I would have just called security plain and simple why would you want to throw a fit like a 2 year old any way? and Not all Walmart employees are Meanies I mean really that is a 3 year old kids word!


you do realize even at 59 dollars you are getting a huge discount from what others cost the cheapest place in my town aside from what maybe walmart costs is 79 dollars and do i throw a fit like im a 3 yr old no i pay it every 2 years and go on with my life. if i worked there and threw a fit i would have called you crazy too then i would have called security to escort you out of the building so suck it up and get over it


Sigh...yep I work for Wal-Mart. Disagreeing with you is proof positive. Retard.

If the Dr threw you out, you were being a real *** and probably deserved it. Being a customer isn't a free pass to treat everyone like dirt and act like an ***.

Like I said, grow up. Learn how to behave yourself and you wouldn't get thrown out of places.



yep call me crazy! getting eye glasses from real health care professionals shouldn't act like walmart $8.00 an hr. employees. and i wasn't mad about the 9 bucks, it was the fact that i complained about how inept they were at their jobs, which they do everyday, you'ld

think they would be good at it. so therefore according to you both. I should just take the check and prescription being thrown at me. Like being called crazy and grow up. well you either work there or have stock in the Co. to be so ***.

Personally I expect more! And I paid the $59.00 through Corporate.

mean people suck!


Grow up.


Sounds like you heard wrong and threw a fit like a CHILD. I've worked retail before and I cant stand customer's kicking and screaming over some things so trivial.

You got a free eye exam, I would have been pleased.

Also if you scream bloody murder for an extra $9 I would have called you crazy too.